Netflix and Amazon Fast Instant Watcher

I’m a fan of both Netflix and Amazon video streaming and I struggle to find the one movie or TV show that I must watch.. Well I was reading one of my on-line papers and I saw this site Instant Watcher and I was really impressed!

I added it to my side links for Netflix as well.

As noted in Tech Crunch: Netflix in November of 2014 removed support for some of their API’s which allowed sites to filter and see popular titles, so this site is one that is still supported with Netflix API’s.

Below are some more sites that still work:

UPDATE: In a blog post, Netflix said that it would continue to work with a small number of select partners, including:

  • Instant Watcher
  • Fanhattan
  • Yidio
  • NextGuide
  • Flixster
  • Can I Stream It?
  • FeedFliks
  • Instant Watch Browser for Netflix

As I always say.. You can never get too much of streaming.. especially when you have your own man-cave!

Texas Heat – Not For me

As I sit here indoor in the comfort of air-conditioning, I can’t help but say.. OMG. I would not want to call Dallas, Texas my home. Texas_heat

I’m on my annual working retreat at my brother’s house in Plano and enjoying the mid-summer weather that is Texas heat.. My dad (RIP) used to always say.. “I don’t want to go to Texas.. Texas is Hot!”. Of course me being the skeptical person that I am.. always was amused by his statement, For every time I came to Texas, I found the heat to be bearable.. Not this time.

I’ve been here for almost a week and let me tell you, the heat and humidity is unbearable… coming from the sweltering lands of Mumbai.. (Yes as you may have already known Dad.. is South Asian!) Even as I grew up and visited the motherland every year.. and was exposed to the Monsoons and the heat, the heat I’m seeing here is just unbearable. It’s at least in the 95 degrees every day (in the shade) and even the breeze (when there is one), is hot and humid. You step outside and your are hit with whiff of the heat and humidity and you race to get to air-conditioning as quickly as possible.

Last night, I attended my first concert in Dallas.. Actually Frisco, Dallas. I was fortunate to get a good seat (courtesy of my brother and his family), but after about half hour of sitting in the almost dead air.. I felt like I was going to implode with the heat.. I had to get out and find some solace.. Fortunately they had tepid cold water at Toyota Stadium and the bathrooms had the A/C going full blast.. I was tempted to stay in the Men’s room for the duration of the concert to stay cool, but that would have just been creepy..

After cooling off, I went to the field level to hear Ed Sheeran blast out some awesome hits and amazingly, there was more of a warm breeze at the field level than at the seats..

We came home drained, by the heat.. I’ve never been so exhausted and drained of my heat than last night.. So   as my dad said “Texas is hot!”.. I’m saying Amen to that.. I prefer to stay in my over priced New Jersey, where we only see a week to 10 days of brutal heat.. rather than 4 month of this heat and humidity.

The funny thing about this heat.. the temperature comes down to about 85 to 90 degrees at night, with a “mild” heat that envelops.. and of course the brutal sun is not there..

Both my Nephew’s  play High School tennis in this heat and let me tell you.. as an avid tennis fanatic, I don’t know how these kids do it. Not only do they play, they practice daily and are outstanding players..

Before yesterday, I was actually thinking of moving here in the next few years.. but after feeling the discomfort of the heat over the past week, I’m rescinding my plans.. I’m not EVER going to move hear.. Unless I’m forced to!

Btw if you are fortunate to live in Dallas in the summer.. here are some basic tricks:

  • If you have a car.. always search for a shady spot in a parking lot.. So even if the spot is out of the way, it it’s under a tree, grab it.
  • Always carry water on you.. the person that won’t dehydrate is you!
  • If it looks sunny and not a cloud in the sky, you are guaranteed to burn if you are out in this heat for too long.. Always wear SP 45.
  • Have lots of shorts and T-Shirts!
  • If your air conditioning in your car is broke.. do not come to Texas.. you will swelter and die in your car.

So now that you have some experience with some real Texas heat.. Of course the natives say this is only for 4 months.. those  4 months are brutal..

Humor:Laugh it out

In my constant hunt for humor.. as I think the world is pretty amusing.. I was walking around at work and I saw a picture from the Laugh It Out site.

Of course me with my sarcastic humor (ask my kids).. . I had to check it out: Laugh-It-Out

Do you have any sites that are funny? Feel free to post them in response to this posting.


Dad’s words to remember

My oldest just got graduated from college (yeah me and yeah her!)…

Today I came across a posting that made me think.. hmm.. how much of my advice about money was truly useful.  Take a look at this article in Money Advice.

Now why did I like this article? Well growing up, only gave me one advice and I think it was the worst advice any father can give to his child. He told me:

If you don’t save your money, one day you will lose it all“. Can you imagine the impact of that kind of harshness it has on the long term psyche of a maturing teenager? Well because of these wise words, I grew up being always afraid that I would become poor if I spent money and didn’t enjoy life.. I tried to squirrel away as much money as possible. This was good and bad..

I did manage to save money, but it didn’t stop me from getting into debt..

I always wanted to enjoy life, but had to reel myself in.. Instead of encouraging me to be cautious.. he just flat out said “you will lose it, with your desires“. Again a double whammy

So I as grew up and earned more and more money, I became even more afraid of losing all of my financial independence.. It affected all parts of my life.. I was determined to overcome this personality glitch and it took me a long time, but I think through my kids, I’ve turned the tide on this.

My kids were always taught to be in balance with spending and saving.. Yes they do what they want no mattr what Dad says.. but overall they are quite well adjusted when it comes to money..


Scam Alert: Fix My PC

scamalertOver the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a few calls from a notorious scammer from 800.843.0000. (DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER IT IS A SCAM)

Now this scammer thinks I’m going to go over to my computer and give him access so he can steal my financial information. I don’t think so!

When I ask him for more information, he just repeats the same thing over and over again (as do I!)


Sir, please go to your computer, so I can help you remove the virus from your computer“.

So I ask him: “Which computer?”, to which he replies.. “Your personal computer“..

So I tell him “I have multiple computers, which one?”..

he replies “the one you are in front of

I say: “But I’m on my phone and not in front of my computer

He says: “Sir this is deep support (no relation to deep throat I assume), and we have noticed that your computer has a virus and we would like to help you”.

I say: “which computer???”

We volley back and forth for a few minutes and finally I just hang up on the creep!

I’ve hung up on this guy a few times already.. but he just seems to love to call Dad’s Taxi and waste my time when I’m busy..

So next time, I’m going to have some fun and ask him to let me log into his computer so I can help him remove the virus on his machine? What do you think of that plan?

Since I have an evil streak: Next time they call me, I’ll tell the scammer  that I”ve been testing some nasty viruses on my machine and them calling me might have infected their computer via the SIP protocol (thank to my friend Mark W. for this one). Continue and harass them and reverse the call on them to ask if their computer has slowed down and they need to remove these nasty viruses simultaneously. otherwise their disk will crash!.. Won’t that be fun!

Ok.. so how do you defend yourself from these scammer’s and spammers?

  • Be alert.. No “Geek team” or “high tier support” will call you without proper knowledge.
  • Do not cooperate even if you think you do have malware or a virus on any of your computers.. If you have a Mac you are inherently protected.
  • Hang up.
  • List all your phone numbers  on the National Do Not Call Registry (Register All your numbers: Mobile/VOIP, etc..). You will have to provide an email address for verification purposes.
  • Follow the directions (You will have to certify your numbers with a valid email)

Just for jollies see how many others have been calling with the same numbers with the various variations on the scam by calling who is calling me via the directory of unlisted callers (NO this will not give you a virus or malware.. it’s a legitimate site!)

You will see that there are various spins on these scam calls. I particularly love the “IRS” one.. that is bound to work on the elderly.. or the ones that are gullible.

irscamNow excuse me as I just got a call  I need to get back to that guy who has issued a warrant for my arrest and is from the IRS. Because I really don’t want to get arrested by the Sheriff for being stupid and being scammed.. right?

Don’t get scammed! always be alert!

Irrational Morality

I was talking to a friend of mine a few weeks ago and we were discussing the issue of morality.

Of course I had an opinion (as I always do) about this, and I came up with two words that describe the way I think.

Moral Brain

Irrational Morality – My definition of this is when you do the right thing for the wrong reason. This could mean doing something for your spouse, children, friends for the wrong reason.. Now what exactly does that mean? Let’s talk of a few examples and of course you are free to chime in with your feedback if you have any.

Here are my thoughts and examples on Irrational Morality

  • If you are single you stop seeing someone because they are too good for you. The person you are seeing is perfect and loves you unconditionally. Even with your flaws and questionable emotional, or psychological patterns of behavior.
  • Getting married for the sake of getting married. You know you are marrying the wrong person, but you say to yourself: “There does not seem to be anyone else better, so might as well settle for the person with you are with“.
    • Now why is this irrational morality? You are getting married for the wrong reason yet you think you are doing the right thing morally by marrying someone that you know will not make YOU happy, but THEY will be happy to be married to YOU
  • To know the difference between right and wrong is important, but to be able to make the right decision for the right decision is key. When you make the wrong decision (i.e. Divorce) because you think you will be happier and more “independent” being single, is a classic case. Divorce is death.. Death of a relationship and it takes a few years to rebuild your life, and even then you are walking a fine line between sanity and insanity. h
    • A friend of mine related this to me.. and this guy was married for over 20 years! I know this guy better than anyone and he’s one of the most balanced guys I know.
      • When I asked him about “irrational morality”.. he got it right away: He said: “I can attest to this as I’ve gone through this “process” over the past two years and let met tell you I had totally underestimated the total impact of divorcing to do the right thing (morally)”
      • “I figured being divorced would be easy, so I gave up and went through the “process”. My Ex felt that being not-married to me would give her independence but she is more dependent on me than ever.”
      • “Thanks to the legal system, alimony and child support guarantees me unhappiness and the the sole responsibility of child care guarantees her unhappiness. So we divorced and now we lead two separate lives and and half the financial stability. The kids will now grow older with a broken home, because we irrationally felt divorce would solve our problems!”

Do you have any examples of irrational morality? If you do I’d like to hear about it.

Junior Achievement of New Jersey (JANJ) – April 30, 2015


Bowl and Donate to Junior Achievement of New Jersey! I am a team captain!

If you like to bowl and would like to bowl for a great cause, join Dad’s taxi on April 30th at 5:30 at Harmony Lanes.

Yes.. you can actually meet and greet Dad’s Taxi in real life now!

Donate your tax deductible contribution via the following URL:

Help Me Support JANJ!

Junior Achievement is an organization whose mission I truly believe in – to help each child reach his/her full potential.  JA empowers young people to own their economic success through their trained volunteers who deliver real-world learning opportunities through a combination of classroom experiences, simulations, college and career readiness days, job shadow events and more.

I am hosting a JA Bowl-a-thon on Thursday, April 30th at Harmony Lanes in Middletown, NJ!).  This is a major fund raiser for Junior Achievement   There will be other major corporations participating as well – some you may recognize such as Cisco, Verizon and Alcatel-Lucent.

JA will provide pizza, bowling shoes and soft drinks and we hope to have raffles as well.  It will be a great social event and will give us an opportunity to have some fun and make a real difference to others at the same time.  We are striving to recruit between 12 and 18 teams of 6 people each across the state.  Each team should solicit sponsors and it would be great if they could collect $660/team in donations.

 Do you want to donate to a really good cause.. Here’s your chance!

Spring Blooms: Changes in the Wind

timeforchangeSo spring started a few weeks ago, but when you step outside, it’s still feels like early winter. What is going on? I’m still wearing my heavy winter jackets and still can’t go outside without freezing!

I think I have the answer. Mother Nature does not want us to forget that she controls the weather and now the new norm is controlled by her. i’m ok with that, but come on! This is April already and I want to put my winter stuff away and take out my spring/summer stuff.

I wanted to share with my followers that I’ve come to a T junction of my life and I’ve decided to make a left turn.. That turn leads me to… India!

 I”ve decided leave New Jersey and move to India so I can get closer to my roots. I need to know more about my cultural heritage and moving to Mumbai will enable to get closer to my real self.. It doesn’t mean Dad’s taxi will stop.. It’ll be just rename to the Mumbai Taxi…

It’s been fun writing about Dad’s Taxi adventures in NJ, but after long and careful deliberation, I think that this is the best for my long term happiness to go back to my roots. It’s been a great few years, but in a few months, I’ll be posting my unique perspective on life from my mother land… India..

Thanks to all my friends for all you support as wrestled with this decision…






That was my version of April’s Fool for my readers.. Did you really think I’d go back? Not. Have a great April Fools Day all.

Dad’s Taxi

Ocean Grove: Hunt for Hearts

chocloversDad’s Taxi went yesterday for the first time to Ocean Grove, NJ. Considering that Dad has been living on the Jersey shore for over 15 years and has never visited Ocean Grove is totally different story.

Ocean Grove is located one town over from Asbury Park.. As a matter of park you an walk down the boardwalk from Asbury Park to Ocean Grove. Of course I’ve never done that either. Well let me tell you my visit to Ocean Grove was truly delightful and I plan on going there again soon. Ocean Grove is a very old town on the Jersey shore which has a beautiful boardwalk, quaint little bed and breakfast hotels, and a lot of history!

I went to Ocean Grove with a few my friends. Lee, Cris, Cara and myself. I was meeting Cara for the first time and Lee is my best friend.. He’s my partner in crime in all things related to Tennis. Lee, Cris and I work for the same company. Cris bought along Cara as they are lifelong friends! It was a true pleasure meeting Cara!  As you know it’s my normal practice to not use people’s real names so I can protect their privacy and prevent them from being more embarassed from making my blog.

I absolutely loved Ocean Grove! the history was everywhere. It was in the architecture of the houses, the feel of a small town and just the coziness of the town. I felt like I had gone back in time to the early 20th century when I looked at the houses and surroundings. Anyway, I’m getting distracted with my own observations, back to the reason for this posting, and my perspective on the “Hunt for Hearts”!

We were given a map of the participating stores/businesses that were partaking in the heart hunt. There were 29 stores in a proxemity of a mile to two miles. The objective was to walk into a business and find a hidden heart somewhere in the business. Once the heart was found the counter person would initialize your paper to signify your success at that location!

As we we walked around and searched for the hearts, many of the businesses made it easy to find the heart, but some places, made it very challenging. Of cours I was just interested in finding real chocolate and THEN the heart, as I have a notorious sweet tooth. My friend Lee was on the lookout for brownies.. The antique and thrift shops we walked into had such history and such amazing trinkets that I felt I had stepped back into time. I was really more interested in exploring the antique stores than finding hearts. Yet I know I didn’t want to be out done by my partners in crime for today, Lee, Cris, and Cara respectively.

redheartWe had some great conversations and the highlight of the hunt was Lee getting a marriage proposal from Cara (In jest of course). Since Lee is retirement eligible and has health benefits, Cara proposed marriage to Lee so she can get health benefits (See Mr. Obama what your Obama Care has done to the people?). Lee of course declined this proposal but I truly wonder he made the right decision. Cara is a very sweet and humorous individual. Her sense of humor was quite apparent during our jaunt hunting for the red hearts in the stores.

Along the way during our hunt, we all loaded up on chocolate (kisses, mini milky way and other chocolate treats). I must state here that it was mainly me that was loading up on chocolate treats. Cara, Cris and Lee were being very precise and sometimes too fast in finding the hidden red chocolates in the businesses we visited.

I was so enamored with the stores and the pleasant home feel of Ocean Grove, I had a sense of deja vu that I had been there before? Past life? who knows?

The weather was great after our last snow storm from the day before and we were jumping over puddles left over from the melting snow. I tell you the walk and the hunt was truly fun! I felt like a kid again when I walked into the store and was actually trying to find the hidden hearts!

After about 2 hour we found all the hearts and returned to the tourist center to fill out our entry to the raffle, Even this place had an old world charm to it!

We ate lunch at a really nice diner/luncheonette called Nagle’s . For $10 you had an amazing meal and you were sitting at a table where the table had on it under glass an newspaper extract from the late 1800’s. We sat next to the wall where there were authentic manual typewriters.. The whole place had an air of a luncheonette and the service and food were outstanding!

We visited some amazing Bread and Breakfast places across from the beach and let me tell you.. I plan on visiting and staying at these places in the near future!

The best part of this day was being with dear friend Lee and meeting Cris and Cara (for the first time). These people really are so down to earth and are so easy to spend time with. I do hope I have the chance to do this again.. I told Cara about Dad’s taxi and she will probably be reading this blog. I hope you leave a comment Cara!

Now it’s time for me to review my stash of candy that I got yesterday and finish them before my kids come over and finish it for me.

Ocean Grove is a treasure trove of history and I plan on visiting this historical little town again in the near future!

How many phone#’s do you have?

my phonesToday I realized that I have way too many phone numbers, that people can contact me with. I need to go off the grid, but I can’t with so many phone numbers that people have associated with me.

Here’s my list.. How many numbers do you have? Hopefully not as many as me.

  1. VOIP Number – Cable company said.. a triple play was cheaper than double play..I didn’t need a phone at home, but hey it works! I wrote this number down, but now I can’t find where I put it.
  2. Personal Cell – This my main iPhone.. yes.. I finally got the iPhone 6. Didn’t go for the 6+ as I didn’t feel like carrying a man purse to carry that around
  3. Work Cell – Cell given to me by company.. This one is an iPhone 5. Finally I can use one cable to charge both personal and work phone
  4. Magic Jack – this is my virtual number that I bought many years ago.. and I can access it from my iPhones as well as my tablet
  5. Old Home Number – Not with me anymore.. but when people call that number they will still get a Dad’s taxi passenger.
  6. Gmail Number – Ok.. this one is too much.. It’s on my signature on Gmail and I still don’t know how to use it well.
  7. Work Phone – My desktop phone at work..
  8. Skype – when I want to communicate with my relatives back home in the motherland.. I use this.

Ok so that’s 8 ways that I can communicate with the world using the various communications devices I have. What’s the maximum number of contact numbers you can add for a contact on the iPhone? I gotta figure that one out.

One time.. my daughter facetime’d me and both phones at home went off and I couldn’t find either one.. Now that’s what you call frustration!

So how many phones do you carry? Now I have to learn all the texting Acronyms so I can text myself using LOL and OMG or if I wanted to share TMI.. I can text the outside world!