New Year, New Hopes

So this is 2008! I sure hope this year is better than 2007 for me. 2007 was an absolute disappointment. Best part of 2007 was my trip to India in June/July.

Let’s see if this election year is better. I’m optimistic for now.

I’m going to use this site to talk about topics which cross my mind on a daily basis.

Take a look at these sites:

  • Lifehacker – Tips for life
  • Wisebread – Personal finance and Frugal Living
  • Dealcatcher – Internet Bargains
  • Techbargains – Techie Deals

    Lessons learned from India:

  • The Money is flowing! Due to this, the Rupee flows like water. You can never have enough.
  • If you are a shopper, the malls and choice in shopping is second to none. Anything and everything you need is available! Malls and Super stores (like WalMart) are everywhere!
  • Technologically, all parts of India have equal’d or bypassed US in terms of technology (cell phone, Internet, Satellite TV). Take a look at the best Indian Websites as a starting point
  • Infrastructure has NOT caught up to technology. Regardless of how much money you have, the probability that you will struggle with the corruption and the inability of the government to address the overpopulation and crowding.
  • If you are a NRI (non-resident Indian) – Forget about getting access to wireless networks. Terrorism threats preclude us NRI’s from buying simple fixed wireless cards so we can utilize the Wireless network (subscription) available! Very very frustrating. Of course this has a workaround. Get a local to buy the card for you!

Financially for me 2007 was a disaster. Enuff said.


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