Rant and Rave

One of the things I wanted to do this year was start something new. I chose karate/kick boxing. Let’s see if that decision comes back to haunt me.

Tonight is my first session. Let’s see how that goes.

The past weekend I played my first USTA match and it was amazing, to actually play at a club level as opposed to a weekend warrior level!

Anyway, Work wise, same chaos as usual. I still can’t figure out how the group that I work with actually produce anything of value to the company. The lack of accountability is amazing, it’s like if you can’t deflect accountability, you are not doing your job!

I could write so much stuff about the characters, that knowing my luck, this blog will get read by someone and I’ll be escorted to the door. 😦

This is the week where all the big boys and girls go into a secret room and have “rant and rave” sessions so they can control how many extra pennies we get in our wallet. Sounds like so much fun when you control others future with just perception on their performance during the year.

I’m going to write next time about my neighbors who are building their own farm next door, including all the farm animals!

chow for now!


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