Old McDon’ald had a farm and he lives next door

So it’s been a pretty good week, but I gotta tell you my neighbors have certainly made it it even more interesting.

Forget the fact that they just already have a dog (huge) and then they bought a Horse (11+ years old), now they have a chicken coop with 10+ chickens. Yes Chickens. The chicken coop is right near my property fence and of course we know that chicken can’t fly but they sure can jump over fences.

In the first week, ALL of the chicken ended up under my deck and had to be “coaxed” out to their own coop!. As you also might know chickens are very territorial. One of these chickies (the black one) is going around pecking (and bruising/bleeding) the other chickens.

So I wonder what’s next? Pigs??

Oh BTW, I forgot to tell you the area we live in last summer had coyote and hawk sightings. How much u want to wager that by the beginning of spring/summer, these chickens are either eaten or scooped up by these predators?

I just don’t get it with these people. They have 3 kids, a dog, a horse and now 10+ chickens! They’ve been living next door for less than 1 year and they certainly have made an impact.

Don’t get me wrong, since my neighbors have such a large property (8 acres +) they are entitled to do what they want, but the only place I want to see chickens is on my plate.

Sounds kinda obnoxious, but I’m very annoyed right now.


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