Yoga and Exercising

So I quit KickBoxing and Karate last week. Found it to violent for my taste, and too much hard work.

So I dropped those two and started with the Yoga. I thought that this would be less ambitious, but wouldn’t you know it the first week of Yoga, I injured my self (muscle pull in my leg). Yet I’m determined to stay with it.

I also started Personal training. Had one session of that, and survived!

Still trying to hit my goal of losing 20 pounds this year. Thus Far, I’ve gained 5.

In case anyone is wondering, the Chickens are still alive (next door) for now. They stray and do their business in my backyard, so now the farmyard is extended to my backyard! 🙂

Tonight is my second Yoga Class, I’ll try not to hurt myself. Who ever thought that Yoga could be this dangerous.

Almost forgot: Go Jints!

chow for now.