Personal Finance and Blogs

I read a lot of blogs and some of these sites are really amazing with their content. I’ll review some of the one’s I absolutely could not live without. All of the sites listed below I’ve added to as links from these pages.

  1. The Simple Dollar – One of the best blogging sites that I’ve come across. It’s the A to Z of personal finance. I’ve been reading this blog for months and the knowledge that this blog presents is amazing.
  2. Lifehacker – This site not only provides just financial advice but it provides life related tips and advice.
  3. Consumerist – Excellent for consumer related information.
  4. Wisebread – Personal Finance and Frugal Living.
  5. Dumblittleman – Tips for Life
  6. Get Rich Slowly – Personal finance that makes cents.
  7. MSN Smart Money blog – MSN Smart Spending blog
  8. 21 Money Saving Sites
  9. Expanded List of Personal Development Sites – From Get Rich Slowly blog
  10. The Frugal Dad – Frugal living and saving money
  11. Money Blog Network – Money Network which helps you to improve Your Bottom Line
  12. Five Cent Nickel – Money Matters
  13. Mighty Bargain Hunter – Finance, saving, spending, and bargains
  14. All Financial Matters – Super site for budgeting and personal finance.
  15. Finanacial Web – Calculators and Independant financial portal

There is so much information that the list above is just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to add any sites you may have.


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