Happy Leap Day!

So today’s Feb 29th. I truly wonder how the people that are born on this date, celebrate their birthdays?

Better Googling, Flight and Airport Information

Found a couple of interesting links from a co-worker:

  1. Google Reference Guide: http://www.googleguide.com/advanced_operators_reference.html is a brief two-page Google reference. It lists a number of Google ‘operators’ I was not aware of. For example, did you know that you can do simple calculations (e.g., ’15 + 12/2.3′), find phone-numbers (e.g., ‘phonenumber: John Jensen, MA’), stocks (e.g., ‘Stocks: T’), define a word (e.g., ‘define hyperbolic’), look for a book (e.g., ‘book: Pride and Prejudice’), and much more. Good stuff
  2. Flight and Airport Status – Great when you are on vacation and use your mobile phone at an airport or going to one. http://www.flightstats.com/go/Mobile/ has brief info on flights and airport status, etc. It is tailored for mobile, but also very useful for non-travelers – especially if you’re picking up friends and family during the holiday season.

How to get Human Being for Customer Service

Have you ever called a company like American Express or Amazon or eBay and wanted to speak to a human? I heard of this site today on WCBS News Radio 880 .

The site is called gethuman.com

this is a great site, if you want to cut through the “pressing numbers” tango to get to an human for help. The site provides the 800 number and it’s fast path to get to a human being on the other end.

check it out.

Bloglines Blog Aggregator

Was reading March issue of PC Magazine for Best free software applications and came across this one. take a look at Bloglines allow you to aggregate the blogs you are reading into one place. Added a link to it.

Blogging Stocks

Did you ever want to go to one place to see a blog for a Stock you looking to buy or you already own? I found this blogging site for stocks today and thought it was pretty cool. It’s part of the the AOL site for finance. I used to subscribe to AOL for many years and now that you can keep your AOL address even AFTER cancellation, I’ve starting using the my AOL portal as well.

Of course I’ve cancelled my AOL already!

Toodles for now.

Redesign of Links

I redesigned the links for this blog today. I was confusing myself with mis-labeling of sites.

Still have plenty of work to do to clean up this site. Will take time and patience.

Coyotes in the Midst in Middletown, NJ

I haven’t had a chance to add much to this blog in a while, as I my boring life continues to be just that pretty boring.

So last night we get a call from one of our friend who was driving by our house. She says, don’t go outside there’s a coyote in your front yard. I’ll give you one guess why these coyotes are back in Middletown NJ. Give up?

That’s because we have a friggin Chicken Coop in our backyard (belonging my neighbors). Now you tell me, I have a moral dilemma.

Do I call the police (with my neighbor being a MT cop), or just let the coyote eat the chickens sooner or later? I’ll choose the second for now.

If you remember last year there were coyote sightings in MT, so this year, with our farm next door, we will surely get more visits from these nasty animals.

My wife calls the neighbor and tells her about the coyote’s and you know what our neighbor says?

“we already had coyote’s before the chicken coop” Ain’t that sweet?

Stay tuned for more “coyotes in the midst”.

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