Coyotes in the Midst in Middletown, NJ

I haven’t had a chance to add much to this blog in a while, as I my boring life continues to be just that pretty boring.

So last night we get a call from one of our friend who was driving by our house. She says, don’t go outside there’s a coyote in your front yard. I’ll give you one guess why these coyotes are back in Middletown NJ. Give up?

That’s because we have a friggin Chicken Coop in our backyard (belonging my neighbors). Now you tell me, I have a moral dilemma.

Do I call the police (with my neighbor being a MT cop), or just let the coyote eat the chickens sooner or later? I’ll choose the second for now.

If you remember last year there were coyote sightings in MT, so this year, with our farm next door, we will surely get more visits from these nasty animals.

My wife calls the neighbor and tells her about the coyote’s and you know what our neighbor says?

“we already had coyote’s before the chicken coop” Ain’t that sweet?

Stay tuned for more “coyotes in the midst”.