Blog Overview

So I’ve been adding entries to this blog for about 3 months now and the content has varied.

I started out with some personal thoughts and then I went to write about sites that I’ve visited or read about. I think I prefer the second (my favorite sites). Where do I find these links? I find them in various magazines and news papers that I read as I get the time.

I’m sure you are thinking that I probably have way too much time on my hands. I really don’t.

I welcome feedback from anyone if with your opinion on the content of this blog. I’m trying to make regular updates, but we’ll see how that goes

I already have my Family Links site which is a megasite for links, but this blog allows me to create ad hoc links that I like and come across in my readings.

Over the past week, I’ve now made this Blog subscribable for all of you who have Yahoo, iGoogle.

Well enough for now TTFN.