Newspapers and Articles

Are you a newpaper and/or reference article junkie? Well the sites below will quench your thirst for this type of fix for sure.

  1. Web site Kidon Media-Link ( features links to the home pages of 19,000 newspapers, magazines and other news sources worldwide… Web site ( also lets users search for articles from a wide range of publications that are available for free on-line.
  2. Google News ( is a great place to search for articles published in the past month. Google News has an “archive” search feature for older articles, but older articles usually aren’t available free.

If all else fails, you can always go to your local library to the reference desk.

Finding People on the Web

Have you wanted to find someone on the web, but only know their name and city? Well I came across these sites that let you do just that. I often Google myself and see where I appear on the web. Proves one thing that there is never such as thing as being private once you are on the internet.

Here are some tips for searching for people:

People. Enclose both first and last names in quotes and search it as a phrase, rather than search the names as separate key words.

Example: Search “Firstname Lastname” rather than Firstname and Lastname.

In subsequent searches, try common nicknames instead of this person’s formal first name. If you know this person’s middle name, search yet again with this inserted between the first and last name… then change the middle name to a middle initial and search one more time. If you do not know the middle name or initial, use Google and insert an asterisk between the first and last name as in “First * Last.”

If the name is common, add this person’s state of residence, job title or spouse’s name (but not in the quotation marks) to your search to better focus the list of results.

Example: Searching “Bob Smith” yields an unmanageable one million-plus results on Google… but searching “Bob Smith” together with the word “Arkansas

  1. Pandia – People and email search. Includes links to various sites which can be utilized for people search and tools. Found this site to be the best one source shop for searching for people because of the links to the other search sites.
  2. Zoominfo – track people down for free through their professional history, because it identifies job titles and current and former employers.
  3. Reunion – It’s free but most of the details you want are premium. Even with this site you can get one year free subscription if you act on an offer from their site.
  4. Pipl – provides basic facts and contact information, plus links to search companies such as USSearch and Intellius, that will scan public records to locate the person you are after. These sites typically charge $10 to $50 to access an individual’s complete records, but they often provide basic information, such as hometown and spouse’s name, for free.
  5. Return to Google and search the name again in combination with these new details, as described above… or to search the spouse’s name.
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