Smart Consumer Tips – Complaints and support

Today, I was reading Smart Money and I saw this article for the Smart Consumer to get help to report unfair business practices or if you have been treated unfairly by a business.

The sites listed below are Free to use and a few offer paid subscriptions. Hope you find it useful

Did you ever call a company and get stuck in an endless cycle of voice prompts? Well that happens to me all the time. I found the site which lists more than 500+ (and growing) tips on how to get to a real human!

BTW: One of the easiest ways is to press “0” when you get to any prompt.

What if you wanted someone to climb the the phone tree and then CALL you back! then you should try:

  • You select the company you want
  • Key in your phone Number
  • The service calls you back!

So what if you are consumer with a gripe and you need help? Here are some sites for you to consider

  • Better Business Bureau – Good for consumers, business. Find out about a company and of course complain!
  • Complaints – Free site to post and research complaints
  • Planet Feedback – Much larger site, includes sample complaint letters and community!
  • If you don’t mind paying: Try out for paid consumer advocacy
  • If all fails you can also go to your state’s Attorney General. I loved the context sensitive US map which gives you direct link to the AG for your state.
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