Dealhack – New aggregator for Deals

Haven’t had a chance to blog much over the past few weeks. Came across this site from portal. Looked pretty good so I thought I’d share. I don’t think I’ve listed this site before.

Dealhack – You can add this to your Yahoo/Google portal. It’s in a blogger format, so it’s pretty accurate for coupons, rebates, clearance items, etc..

Happy Bargain hunting.

Professional Help for Small Business

Here’s a free service for freelancers and small business. You can find some sample resumes and freelancers as well. This is a great site if you are looking for a free lancer to build your website, assist with legal, administrative items, etc..

Check it out.

Very Useful Sites

Sites here I found when I read my favorite periodical Bottom Line Personal and came across some sites which list discount codes for on-line shopping. Check them out.

Retirement and Money

Deals and Shopping:

Cheap Airline Tickets and travel sites

This is one of the best airline fare comparison sites. Fare-Compare will provide you with cheap plane tickets, discount first class airfare, the easiest air travel planning tools, and expert travel advice. Airlines change airfares constantly, let monitor airline ticket prices so you’ll be first in line to pickup the best deal on your quest for a cheap flight.

You can also take a look at my travel page for fare comparisons and cheap tickets.

…Get the Best Deal (Again and Again)

I’ve published these deal sites before, the ones in BOLD are new and worth a look:

  • Compare & Buy: Pricegrabber, Shopping, ShopZilla. These sites even calculate tax and shipping. These sites allow you to compare like products for the best deal
  • Clip Virtual Coupons: Coupon Code, Current Codes. Sites which provide you with coupon codes for on-line as well as bricks and mortar shopping

So now get out there and save money for your tech toys!

How To Geek – Computer Help

I continue to have problems with my PC (on a regular basis) and I found this site via Google. I found this site when I was trying to resolve performance problems in Firefox.

The How-To-Geek gives you detailed and informative explanations on all facets of computing. I would recommend you take a look at the Wiki and the Blogs that are part of this site.

Motley Fool – Excellent Investing advice

Motley Fool: For years now, I’ve been searching for the best site for impartial investing advice. I’ve tried Yahoo, MSNBC, and others (including Mad Money). In my opinion, the Motley Fool is the best of all of them

Yes, I dabble in stocks. I’m definetely not the Millionaire Next Door.

The Motley Fool’s site for excellent impartial stock advice. Of course the advice is not limited to investing, you also get excellent

Other good sites I like is CNN Money and Barrons (great weekly periodical). Enjoy…

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