Free Itunes Downloads

I came across this blog while I was trying to get some free Itunes music. Yes I’m that cheap that I can’t afford .99 Cents per track. I have no problem admitting that.

I normally download the track of the week on Tuesday’s, but I wanted to find a blog which listed free music and Videos! The Free iTunes Download Blog does just that. You can subscribe to this via RSS or by your Facebook account.

the fine print: Downloads posted on the Free iTunes Downloads blog are usually free for ~1 week. After that, you’ll have to pay for them.

So if you have any thoughts or suggestions on getting free tunes from iTunes, feel free to comment.


Deals2Buy – Everyday Hot Deals and coupons

Thanks to my friend at work (AM) for this site. He visits this site every day for Hot deals across the web. I liked it too. check it out: Deals2buy

Self Improvement Blogs

I was reading my favorite Blog the simple dollar (truly the best self improvement blog I have ever read on a regular basis), when I came across a link to

This site is a consolidation of all self help blogs in one place. I checked it out and really liked it.

Check it out.

Bargainist and Wisebread – Deals, Sales and Coupons

I came across Bargainist when I was reading my Yahoo and they had pretty good deals. Too bad I missed the one from Woot (they have gr8 one day deals) where I could have purchased a JVC Mini DV for $120.

Oh well. better pickings next time.

The bargainist site is not just for deals and coupons, it has excellent articles for budgeting, money-saving tips and my favorite Freebies that I can use. This site also has deals by stores (ex.. Best Buy) and Amazon!

Another excellent site that I’ve talked about in the past is Wisebread (Living large on a small budget). This site also has sub-sites for:

Do you go to movies? Well one of the best known sites for buying movie tickets on-line is Fandango. They have specials for BOGO (buy one get one). Unfortunately, the theatres near my house don’t accept on-line ticketing.

ok. That’s enough for today.. back to the eBay..


I was reading Yahoo finance and came across a link to

Looks like a good site for beginner, intermediate, and advanced investor eductation. Of course you do kow that anything that ends with “Pedia” shoud be taken in small doses! 🙂

Yet I dig deeper.. I do find that for purely educational insights in investing investopedia does provide some valuable information. Will continue to check it out..

Support Sites: Windows Secrets and TechSpot

As a techie, I’m constantly reading techical newsletters. One that I’ve subscribed to for years is Windows Secrets by Michael Livingston. Over the years, this site has grown to include Fred Langa’s list (btw, Fred has retired).

A few days ago, I got an email that another PC support site was merging with Windows Secrets. This site was Techspot. Of course I had no idea about TechSpot.

I checked it out and found that TechSpot is sandwiched between Google and GoogleGroups as the top rated “free” support site on the Web.

I’m about 95% on Firefox and if I have problems with this browser, I found the support pages for Firefox is the place to go!

If I had problems with my broadband connection Broadband reports is the site to go to.

Of course this leads me to my printer situations. Everytime I break a printer (which sadly is pretty often), I go to Fix Your Own Printer.

Data Universe and My New Jersey

As I’m based in Central NJ, I find some sites that truly exemplify the central NJ experience. The following sites are great sites for your NJ news and all stuff related New Jersey:

  • My Central NJ – Central New Jersey News, Entertainment, Pictures, classified.
  • Red Bank Green – Red Bank NJ is the hub of entertainment and culture. It’s near Middletown NJ. The place where I call home.
  • Atlantic Highlands – I love this town place! Neighboring to Middletown this small town with scenic overlooks, the marina, is where we spend most of our summer evenings.
  • New Jersey – Everything NJ
  • Data Universe – If you are looking for information and data overload related to government, property, School records, crime statistics this is the place to be. All data is NJ focused.

Some of the links above I’ve already added to the sidebar for “My Favs”, others will be added soon.

I almost forgot! Happy Independemce day to all!

Ad Free Personal Finance Blog Aggregator

I took the time time today to clean up the side bar and added some some new blogs:

I also added a new Blog snippet of the blog’s that are really worth looking at on a daily basis. This of course is a new feature offered in Blogger.

Headed towards the 4th of July weekend! Happy Independence day everyone.

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