Data Universe and My New Jersey

As I’m based in Central NJ, I find some sites that truly exemplify the central NJ experience. The following sites are great sites for your NJ news and all stuff related New Jersey:

  • My Central NJ – Central New Jersey News, Entertainment, Pictures, classified.
  • Red Bank Green – Red Bank NJ is the hub of entertainment and culture. It’s near Middletown NJ. The place where I call home.
  • Atlantic Highlands – I love this town place! Neighboring to Middletown this small town with scenic overlooks, the marina, is where we spend most of our summer evenings.
  • New Jersey – Everything NJ
  • Data Universe – If you are looking for information and data overload related to government, property, School records, crime statistics this is the place to be. All data is NJ focused.

Some of the links above I’ve already added to the sidebar for “My Favs”, others will be added soon.

I almost forgot! Happy Independemce day to all!