Support Sites: Windows Secrets and TechSpot

As a techie, I’m constantly reading techical newsletters. One that I’ve subscribed to for years is Windows Secrets by Michael Livingston. Over the years, this site has grown to include Fred Langa’s list (btw, Fred has retired).

A few days ago, I got an email that another PC support site was merging with Windows Secrets. This site was Techspot. Of course I had no idea about TechSpot.

I checked it out and found that TechSpot is sandwiched between Google and GoogleGroups as the top rated “free” support site on the Web.

I’m about 95% on Firefox and if I have problems with this browser, I found the support pages for Firefox is the place to go!

If I had problems with my broadband connection Broadband reports is the site to go to.

Of course this leads me to my printer situations. Everytime I break a printer (which sadly is pretty often), I go to Fix Your Own Printer.


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