Junk Mail blaster – Catalog Choice – How To Eliminate

Are you one of those people that come home and find your mail box stuffed with catalogs from companies that you will never buy stuff from (I don’t mean Victoria’s Secret either)?

I found this site a few days ago which will get those annoying catalog’s removed from your mailbox. I don’t mean that someone will come and take them out of your mailbox, but they won’t be sent to you!

Take a look at Catalog Choice (Eliminate unwanted catalogs). I haven’t had a chance to become a “catalog” member, but let me know if it works for you. I’m getting kind of tired of getting these catalogs that I never asked for (except for Victoria’s Secret).

This site was selected by PC Magazine as one of their top 100 undiscovered sites


Money Blog Network – Improving your Bottom Line

You know that I’ve posted many different blogs which improve your financial bottom line. The Money Blog Network aggregates many of these sites into one.

Chow for now.

Gadgets and Tech Toys

Found this one just by accident. For the people that know me, you know I like electronic toys. So when I came across this the Gadget Weblog, I was in heaven. Take a look, time well worth spending, for all tech tools and toys..


PC Hell – Tips to solve your PC Related problems

Last week, my daughter (again) downloaded a spyware/malware toolbar on her PC. Of course, I had no clue whether this toolbar was malware. I quickly found out that this IE toolbar (forgot it’s name).

This toolbar was particularly nasty, as it didn’t do anything but slow down the Vista machine. Of course Vista doesn’t need much help doing that.

I found this site via Google the site PC Hell which helped me to get rid of this nefarious toolbar. This site is pretty cool in that it gives you some great tips and techniques “to bring your pc from the edge”. Most of this focus is trojans, malware and browser hijacker’s.

I poked around this site and found the content to be very useful. Check it out.

Below is a direct quote from the site which I thought to be pretty ominous:
Everyone has been to PC Hell at one time or another. It’s that place you visit when your personal computer is driving you insane with problems, glitches, and so on. To try to soothe the frustration, we’ll provide some tips, hints, and troubleshooting remedies to help you get out of PC Hell. Be warned however, sometimes there is no exit….

Lesson to be learned here: Never let your teenager get Admin rights to his/her PC. Yet this is a topic that can be discussed another day.


Google Reader

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m usually the last to catch up on something that’s new. I finally got a chance today to check out Google Reader. It’s pretty cool. I even subscribed to my own blog. Makes me feel pretty important.

What I like about Google reader is that this brings the Web to me. One spot to catch up on all the Video, gossip, and bargains (Xpbargains) in one place.

Check it out


Inside Trip: Shop Air Fares quality of flights

Do you travel a lot (unlike me)? I found this site on one of my favorite sites clarkhoward.com. Clark’s Site is one of the best sites for all around consumer advice. I read this site all the time. Anyway on to the real reason for this post:

At a new website called InsideTrip.com, you can shop fares and learn about the load factor on flights, leg room, the age of the fleet, the rate of baggage loss and much more. The Site even has a blog which has some postings. Kind of found the blog to to be bare.

InsideTrip.com offers Consumer Reports-type rankings with a system of little circles and a numerical ranking. You provide the date of your expected departure and arrival and the engine does the rest of the work. Keep in mind this site is in Beta.

My Rant of the day:
Now only if these airlines would make the coach seats accommodating to anyone over Six foot tall. Personally, what I’d like to see is the ability to buzz the person ahead of you who bangs the seat back even though they have plenty of leg room!

Coming next is my rant and rave about the Melting Pot Restaurant in Red Bank. Stay tuned.


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