Inside Trip: Shop Air Fares quality of flights

Do you travel a lot (unlike me)? I found this site on one of my favorite sites Clark’s Site is one of the best sites for all around consumer advice. I read this site all the time. Anyway on to the real reason for this post:

At a new website called, you can shop fares and learn about the load factor on flights, leg room, the age of the fleet, the rate of baggage loss and much more. The Site even has a blog which has some postings. Kind of found the blog to to be bare. offers Consumer Reports-type rankings with a system of little circles and a numerical ranking. You provide the date of your expected departure and arrival and the engine does the rest of the work. Keep in mind this site is in Beta.

My Rant of the day:
Now only if these airlines would make the coach seats accommodating to anyone over Six foot tall. Personally, what I’d like to see is the ability to buzz the person ahead of you who bangs the seat back even though they have plenty of leg room!

Coming next is my rant and rave about the Melting Pot Restaurant in Red Bank. Stay tuned.



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