Very Useful Websites – Facts and Geneology

Here’s a few of sites that are useful in their own way. I found this site from an issue of bottom line from late 2007. I’ve mentioned the Bottom line periodical in other posts on this blog, so it’s not really new to you..

  1. Facts at your Fingertips – provides free family friendly facts, news on everything (period). Here you’ll find product reviews, stock market news, product reviews, and enable you to be a know it all..
  2. Trace your family Tree – This site provides hundreds of thousands of links to genealogical sites for both new and experienced searchers. So you want to know about your family tree? Check out this this site be it US based or international based. Need to figure out whether there is anything for India..

Now that you have done some serious work, it’s playtime and you should always feed the brain at the same time have some fun. Rinkworks breaks down the entertainment into various categories. Great place to wast hours and hours!

  • Humor, Games, entertainment, and brain food (free puzzles to challenge the brain).

The Electronic Investor -Sites for investor advice

As you know, there are plenty of sites on the web that give you a plethera (sic) investing advice. The following sites try very hard to separate news you can act on from the large number of daily corporate releases.

I was reading Barrons from June (Yes that’s how far behind I am in my reading), and came across these sites that I will be looking into so I can get my stock house in order.

  • Streetinsider – concentrates on market moving events for your chosen number of stocks. You can have a free subscription, which allows you to follow up to 15 stocks via email. Events include earnings announcements, dividents, stock buybacks, splits, and management changes.
  • Gemfinder – Premium Site. This subscription site plows through the on-line SEC edgar filings to give you ideas on stocks. This site didn’t look like a site for beginners like myself. I’ll pass for now.
  • Green Signal Stocks – Premium Site. Is trade oriented, and provides a 12, 24 and 48 day price forecast on fast moving ticker symbols. Site also identifies issues that have probability of quick moves. This again has a premium option associated with it.
  • Vestopia – Currently in Beta – Very graphical and easy to use site. You track th portfolio’s of several Wall Street Pro’s. I like this idea. “So do as they do…”
  • Morningstar – I personally think this is the best. Free membership to this site allows you to create a portfolio of stocks and funds… Of course Morningstar makes its money on the premium subscriptions you can buy.