Amazon Deals and ways to spend your Money

As you know by now, I love to find bargains. I’ve purchased stuff from Amazon, but could never get an overall synopsis of items on clearance or sale.

Here’s a link from the simple dollar which shows you how to get deals on Amazon and some additional tips for bargain hunting via RSS feeds.

This is my contribution to helping Amazon make more money and for people to get some bargains.

Amazon’s GOLD box of deals on one page

I just wonder can you use the gold box in conjunction with the $25 filler items to get free shipping. After all who doesn’t like free shipping?

News aggregation for your vote

As you may realize by now, anything that catches my fancy is a possibility to be found on this blog. I was reading my favorite blog the simple dollar and came across these two sites that really amused me.

  • Fark – gives a one line and a link to news items that you will not find in your local paper or TV news. Found this really amusing. Has categories for Sports, showbiz, politics and of course you can create your own “My Fark”. This site instead of having a numeric rating of the news, it has it’s own unique rating system of words.. (strange, cool, dumbas*)
  • Reddit – similar to Fark, also has a blender of news tidbits that you can vote on. The popularity of the links dictates how the news appears on the listings.