iPhone Rocks

I haven’t had a chance to blog much over the past few weeks as I’ve been busy with my normal Dad’s Taxi stuff.. Driving Kids, hiking, Tennis, Blah Blah..

A few days ago I found the best thing sliced cheese that the rest of the world already knew about.

The iPhone from Apple. This device is absolutely the best device that you can have even if you don’t have AT&T service (Which I don’t). You can use this device as an iTouch/iPod with a few tricks.

Once you visit the iPhone Hack site, you can CAREFULLY figure out how to utilize the inherent power of the iPhone to utilize wi-fi and use it’s amazing features (games, applications, iPod, etc).. Of course I recommend you do all your research before you do anything and I am not advocating the usage of this site. Reader beware.

The number of applications and games that are available via iTunes is amazing. I also suggest you go to You Tube and search on iPhone to get a better idea on the iPhone.

I am hooked on my new toy and I hope you check it out too.