Viruses and Malware Attack and Resolution

Over the past week, I’ve been busy trying to clean up a nasty virus/malware that one of my machines picked up on the Web. I certainly learned some valuable lessons from this experience and I’m going to share them with you.

It took me over 24 hours to get rid of the nasty bug I had on my main computer. I’m still trying to get my machine back in good shape. I know, it’s my own fault for not being more consistent in the way I protectmy primary machine, but fortunately for me, I “think” I survived.

  1. Never ever make your default profile an “Administrator” profile. Every user on your computer should have their profile as “regular user”. Only on administrator. With this, you reduce substantially, the probability of a virus latching on to your machine.
  2. This is regardless whether you use XP or Vista. Even with multiple layers of Antivirus/HW and Software Firewall/Anti Spyware Protection, a nasty “Antivirus Pro 2009” spyware was able to penatrate my defensive line and get access to my machine.
  3. Stop using IE 7 as your primary browser! Use Firefox as your primary and only browser. If you use Firefox, make sure you have Script Blocker and Add Block Plus installed as Add on’s.
  4. If you do get a virus, immediatley power down and if you have a seconday machine, Google the symptoms. In my case I quickly found out that the site bleepingcomputer had the latest posting on the virus/malware that I had gotten.
  5. Follow the directions that the site gives you exactly to work on virus removal.
  6. If you have do download anything, make sure you download it to an accessible drive on YOUR computer so when you are in “safe” mode, you can work on the virus removal.
  7. When you are working on virus removal, ALWAYS, ALWAYS work in safe mode (this is a restricted mode of your computer). This is the mode when you press “F8” while rebooting your computer.
  8. Once you have cleared your virus/trojan/malware, Make sure you have an up to date Software Firewall (Get a free one if you don’t have a paid one). Make sure you have real-time spyware protection on your computer.
  9. Remember that you must have multiple layers of protection on your machine. Just as we are trying to protect our machine, others are thinking of ways to hack into our machines.

In the above scenario, I utilized the following software/Tools to clear out my virus:



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