iPhone Tips and Tricks Continued

So now I have 2 iPhones that I use as an iPod and a iTouch (with many many applications).

I’m a total addict. Fortunately, all the applications i’ve installed are free.

My fav: Pandora Radio. Using wireless and the pandora application, you can set up favorites for songs as well as artists. This application is as far as I’m concerned hands down my favorite application. What’s yours? Let me know with your feedback.

One of my friends at work has set up a board (click on pda/smartphone lounge) where he posts his reviews of cool applications, tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPhone!

I’ve talked about Bharatbeat before, and my friend and I are working to expand this mega Indian portal to the masses. Check it out. The forums on Bharatbeat contain a plethera (that’s a multi-point scrabble word) of interesting articles and blogs.

You can also go to the Apple iphone site as well for more information on the iPhone. On the right of the screen you’ll see top applications that are paid as well as free. If you want iPhone tips and tricks, from Apple, there are so many… !

Here’s another blog for iphone secrets,tips and tricks.

go on.. I know you want to check it out…

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