Video Streaming: TV, Movies and Free on the Web

I am going to post this disclaimer on this post.
My Disclaimer: I am not endorsing any sites listed on this post. I am only providing these link as pure entertainment and examples of Web 2.0 that you can check out at your own risk. If you do go to this site, make sure you use Firefox as your browser with the no-script addon. With the problems that I’ve had with IE7 Security, I will not recommend you use this browser for this purpose.

Are you looking for a site which allows you to see TV shows and movies streamed to your screen. If so, check out AllUC. There are many sites on the web which allow you to see movies, but I found that this site was the best.

I once went to this site to see a TV show I had missed, but you can see almost every type of TV show that you want to see.

Here’s a disclaimer from the AllUC site which you MUST read very carefully.

Below are some more video aggregation sites that I’ve gathered from various sources which have videos and streaming…

Additoinal Online Streaming Sites – Not in any order of preference
You Tube
Yahoo! Video
AOL Video
Blip TV

If you have any sites you want to add, feel free to post your comments.


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