Black Friday Sites – Updated 2009

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I published this entry last year and now I’m updating with new sites that I’ve f ound:

Thre are so many “official black friday sites” , I leave it to you  to pick and choose. Many sites will have the same sales, so you have to pick and choose. I made the mistake a few years ago of going to Best Buy to stand in the dark and cold for 2 hours at 1:00 AM in the morning and coming home empty handed. That was the end of my shopping on black Friday.

With my finances being the way they are,  I won’t be doing much shopping this year. Unless of course lightning strikes and I win the Mega Millions Lottery!

Some of the tricks to Black Friday Success. Not in any order of success percentages:

  • Divide and Conquer: Once you decide on a specific item to purchase, divide up amongst your family/friends, the store coverage. Never a good idea for everyone to go to one store trying to race into the store to pick up the same item. Guaranteed failure.
  • Look On-Line First – Many times you will find better deals on-line as opposed to the bricks and mortar approach. Many stores are now offering Black Friday deals the Night Before or even up to a week before Black Friday!
  • Create a list of items – Make a specific list of target items.. Do not expect to be able to make this list while on the huge wait lines or crammed into the stores. Been there done that!
  • Be prepared for Shopping Failure Even if you do all of the above, the success on Black Friday is all about timing and being in the right place at the right time. In my case, I end up getting the “scraps” or “discards” that others have picked up and discarded.. Hey sometimes, even with this, you will get a gem of an item that someone wanted and then changed their Mind.

Below are some sites that I’ve been looking at.  As I always say, look and Ye shall find a bargain!

Top Ten Black Friday Sites – Go here First

Black Friday Ads

Black Friday Info

Top Ten Black Friday – As reviewed by PC Magazine

If you have any unique site that you would like to share with us, feel free to post it here as part of your comment or you can email me and I will update this entry.

Till then,  Happy Black Friday!



Below is my posting from 2008 as an FYI:

Not really in the mood to write this with what is going on in Mumbai, but publishing for future reference.

So tomorrow is “Black Friday“. I was looking at some of the sales and because of the current state of the economy and my financial situation, I wasn’t enthusiastic.

Perhaps next year will be better and I’m publishing some sites which give some some excellent ideas on some bargains:

Black Friday Ads – Official Site for Black Friday Site
Info – Black Friday Information
Gotta Deal

Good luck and happy shopping!


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