iTunes Glitch

This is a good one. I upgraded my iTunes and suddenly I had 2 separate problems that needed attention.

  1. Somehow after the the latest (I think it was 8.0.2)  iTunes/Quicktime upgrade, my Itunes would no longer start. Everytime I tried to start iTunes, I got a message stating  my QuickTime was corrupted or was invalid. Thankfully, the error message led you to the Quicktime site where you could download the Quicktime upgrade.  You have to uninstall Quicktime and re-install and you are back in business with iTunes.
  2. Now the next problem really freaked me out. When I started Itunes,  I was suddenly seeing odd colors (purple/fuchisia)for backgrounds. The body was an absolutely UGLY purple/fuchia and  the left hand was a dark shade of Grey.. So I googled it and found out that this problem was my own doing. I had set my display attributes to 16 bit as opposed to the 32 bit and this upset iTunes. If you want details on this you can go to the Some Life:Fixed blog site for details. My question is don’t they test iTunes with all resolutions.. Using the instructions fromthe SLB:Fixed Blog (thank god!) Well I reset my resolution to 32 bit and the colors went back to their normal vanilla colors.

Dad's Taxi has moved

So we finally moved to WordPress. Welcome to our new home…

Dad’s Taxi has moved

So we finally moved to WordPress. Welcome to our new home…

Free Shipping – Scour Web for Free shipping codes…

If you do most of your shopping on-line, I know I get annoyed with the shipping charges that get tacked on to my purchases. To get around this annoyance, I found this site where they actually scan the web for free shipping sites and codes which give you free shipping.

In the past I’ve directed you to my site where I have some sites for shopping, I’m re-listing the site for shopping and price comparisons, coupon codes.

Of course remember for the latest in sites, I post them here as I come across them. Hope you find it useful. Feel free to leave me comments or if you have any sites you wish to add…

Have fun and remember: “It’s always better to receive savings then to put money in the pockets of the stores”.

Blogging – Huffington Post

So I was in Barnes and Noble today with my daughter and my stash of coupons that I got from the their site. I saved a total of $15+ (and that includes the latte and the cookie that we got!).

While I was browsing and waiting for my daughter to pick up her books, I noticed the book “Huffington Post – Complete Guide to Blogging“. Now this is a book that I will buy!

I first checked out the Huffington Post site and I found this this site is amazing for the content.. not just for the content, but for the feedback from fellow bloggers in the blogging hemisphere. Even though I’ve been blogging for about a year, I now realize that I’m just a newbie to blogging and I need to learn more, so I can get my words out to a larger audience..

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that I ramble and repeat in my blogs (similar to me in real life), but blogging let’s me write to my hearts content without judgement. Blogging lets my “creative” juices flow and I guess next to Tennis, blogging has developed into my secret passion.

A few posts ago, I talked about the outrage I felt about the Mumbai Attacks, the Huffington Post carries a wealth of posts related to these attacks. I could (and probably will) spend hours here..

Anyway, even though I’ve caught on to blogging late, I know one thing for sure, I’m here to stay..


Coupons for you – On-line and Printable

As we go through the recession, we are all searching for bargains. I myself spend much of my money at Best Buy and Staples. Instead of going through the Sunday papers looking for bargains, here are some of the best sites on the web that make saving money easier:

You can always Google “Printable Coupons” on Google, but below are some good starting points for your savings during this holiday season

  • Coupon Mom – This has been on many TV shows over the past few months.
  • Wow-Coupons – My personal Favorite
  • Mommy Saves Big – A really good site where you can subscribe to get printable and on-line savings. This site is really worth your visit.

Happy holidays everyone. And remember my motto: “If I have to buy, I will save, save, save..”


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