iTunes Glitch

This is a good one. I upgraded my iTunes and suddenly I had 2 separate problems that needed attention.

  1. Somehow after the the latest (I think it was 8.0.2)  iTunes/Quicktime upgrade, my Itunes would no longer start. Everytime I tried to start iTunes, I got a message stating  my QuickTime was corrupted or was invalid. Thankfully, the error message led you to the Quicktime site where you could download the Quicktime upgrade.  You have to uninstall Quicktime and re-install and you are back in business with iTunes.
  2. Now the next problem really freaked me out. When I started Itunes,  I was suddenly seeing odd colors (purple/fuchisia)for backgrounds. The body was an absolutely UGLY purple/fuchia and  the left hand was a dark shade of Grey.. So I googled it and found out that this problem was my own doing. I had set my display attributes to 16 bit as opposed to the 32 bit and this upset iTunes. If you want details on this you can go to the Some Life:Fixed blog site for details. My question is don’t they test iTunes with all resolutions.. Using the instructions fromthe SLB:Fixed Blog (thank god!) Well I reset my resolution to 32 bit and the colors went back to their normal vanilla colors.