Televison Shows on the Web

Watch your tv shows on the web.


I’m a television addict (Yes that felt so much better to get off my chest), but I can’t seem to find enough hours and enough space on my DVR to watch all my favorite programs. I also can’t seem to stay up late anymore to watch my CSI and Law and Order favorites.   So what I’m going to do now is catch up on my favorites on the web.

Below are some of the sites I visit to get my virtual TV fix. .

I specifically want to see all the back episodes of  “The Office” that I’ve missed, or get my fix of “Desperate Housewives”.

My next thing that I’m going to do is get the new Netflix $9 subscription which allows me to rent out 1 movie at a time but watch unlimited movies over the web..

Author: Dads Taxi

I'm a Dad from the Central New Jersey, who sees humor in lots of things. Some of the things I write about happen to me or I see them... I'm also on the constant hunt for a bargain!


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