Poetry in Motion – By Joshua Thomas

I have a friend of mine in Middletown, NJ who’s a wonderful poet.

I’m sharing my friend Joshua’s site for your reading pleasure.  His poetry ranges from thoughts in his heart to words of encouragement.  His words are a delight to read and you will really enjoy his posts. His poetry is thought provoking and I anticipate big things for him as he matures…

2009 Financial Action Plan

My wife pointed this one out to me and it is indeed true! Thanks MM!

I came across this and it blew me away.. As you know Suze Orman is the Guru of personal finance.  She is giving away her new 2009 book: Suze Orman’s  2009 Action Plan.

You can download the entire book from Oprah’s site. Which is another site that is worth it’s weight in gold..

That’s all for now.  For those in the Northeast United States, have a great snowy weekend!

Smoking Gun: All the new fit to Print

So are u looking for a no-spin news site? If yes –> The Smoking Gun is for you. This site tells you the news without the right or left wing spin that most of the papers give you these days.

take a look, you will definitely find it entertaining if not insightful…

Freebies and Free Sharing in your Area

I was watching the Today show this morning while I was in the gym and came across some sites that I’d like to share. Funny as the theme of this post is about free sharing of stuff.

The sites below are all “.org” and they allow you to get rid of of your junk and get junk in return. Most of these sites allow you to find stuff in your area. Of course you can also look for groups in both Yahoo and Google for similar groups.

  • Freecycle – Largest Site. Move quick if you want something
  • Freesharing – Free recycling of your unwanting
  • Freeuse – Their motto is “changing the world one gift at a time”. cute..

One of the things of this concept that I found most interesting is that you can get rid of the junk you don’t need and accumulate junk from others that they don’t need! Pretty cool.