Mortgage Refinance

I’m in the market to refinance my huge mortgage. I hear that rates are down, so what do I do?  I first went to my favorite consumer advocates site Clark Howard and researched there first.

First bit of advice:

  • Create a disposable email address. Most of the free email services allow you to do that, as the mortgage search process, will generate much SPAM in your inbox.
  • Get your Credit Report (Free).
  • Document and research!

According to Clark, the two sites you should look at:

  • The Mortgage Professor – New site to me. Really educated me on tips on how to refinance. A must read for everyone that is doing a refi or purchase of real estate.
  • HSH Associates –
  • Lending Tree – Go to this site and get up to 10 offers. I recommend you create a disposable email address, because I guarantee you will be bombarded with Spam emails once you provide your information.

I absolutely recommend that before you start your refinance process, you find out your FICO and credit score. The higher your score, the better the rate you will get.

You must get your free anual credit report BEFORE you start your refi or purchase process. You’ll see other sites in commercials, but in my opinion, this is the only legitimate site (without you having to purchase anything!) for getting your latest credit history.

Tomorrow, I start my refi process.