Job Search – Part 1 – Decompress and Plan

I’ve been thinking for the past few days on what I could write about and I have to admit, I had reached writer’s block.

Over the past few months at least 3 of my friends/relatives have lost their jobs due to the economy. So instead of  just providing links, I decided to write about what I have substantial experience in. Job Search and finding a New job.

Over the next few posts, I will  post some of my tips and techniquesto finding a new job in this tough economy. Some of these tricks may seem like old news, but some tricks I’ve learned myself by just trial and error. I hope you find the next few posts useful if you are out there looking for a job.

So what do you do if you lose your job and have no clue on how to start your job search?

You should try the steps below, of course the steps I list below should be tried as a combination and not sequentially.

  1. Decompress :It’s very  traumatic to lose your job. Take the first few weeks to acknowledge that you are moving on to a new part of your life. Do not blame yourself for losing your job. This in my opinion is the most important step. If you don’t decompress, your stress levels will be exponentially be greater as you begin your job search. This process could take a week or it could take a month. It’s important that you realize that this is based on your DNA.
  2. Prioritize: Realize that your full time job over the next (several) months will be to find a job. In order to do this, you have to acknowledge the difficulty in this economy that finding a new job will take time and a substantial amount of energy
  3. Start a log or a better yet a blog of your job search.  What I recommend is create a private blog to jot down your thoughts day over day to see how you are progressing. I know this sounds tedious, but this will pay off as you become a “professional” job seeker.
  4. Build/rebuild your professional Network: Get the word out to your friends/family/former co-workers/professional contacts that you are available. I’ll build more on this on my next few postings about establishing your network. In this economy, your friends/family and your professional contacts will develop to be your best source of network!
  5. Document your accomplishments and skills – When you work, you don’t normally sit down and write down what you have accomplished (except for annual reviews). Now is the time to in free form, document your accomplishments and you skills. Remember, the idea here is that you are documenting what you know and what you have done.
  6. Get Reference Letters – Get Reference Letters from your previous employer  and/or individuals that have worked with you and will do so. Be prepared to write these letters of reference, so the person giving you this reference letters has a good frame of reference that he/she can utilize.
  7. Build your resume/cover letter – Go to your local library and take out books on resume writing. Of course you can always go to my favorite bookstore Barnes and Noble to buy a book on job building a resume that sells and gets your foot in the door. Remember an integral part of this is the cover letter. One important thing here is that the resume that you build should be an Internet Resume. This will be your resume (and you will have multiple flavors – for multiple job types of jobs) that you will post on internet job posting sites. The process of building your resume will take a few weeks. Before you post the resume, have someone else proofread your resume and critique the resume.
  8. Build your survival guide (financially): How do you plan to use the severence (if any), and/or the unemployment benefits to keep you afloat during your period of job search.
  9. Establish Daily Goals – Every day you are off payroll, you have a job. that job is to find a job. In order to succeed you need to establish (attainable) goals for each day. Doing this allows you to establish a structure in your daily routine. Daily structure is important in the job search.
  10. Make sure you have a Laptop: You need to be totally portable. Invest a few hundred in a laptop. These days you can get a good laptop for about $400 or less. You are not looking for our, you are looking for functionality.
  11. Be Positive: On a daily basis do things for yourself that relieve stress. Yoga, Exercising, Walks, etc..

Once you do the steps above (not necessarily in the order that Ihave listed), you are ready to start your job search.

Always keep in mind that the job search process yields best results when you are positive and plan successfully. Execution of the plan comes next.

Next we will discuss Networking in further detail.. TTYL and good luck!

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