Job Search – Part 3 – Find work

  • Been awfully busy at work for the past few days, so haven’t had a chance to gather my thoughts to post the 3rd in my series on Job search.

So now you have created a resume (draft of course), started building your network. You are now (almost) are ready to pursue your job search. Before ou post your resume, it’s important that you proof read your resume (typo’s, grammatical errors, consistency, etc).  So before you pass GO and collect $200, you need to make sure that your resume (the first and lasting impression) on the reader…

So for the next few months or until you get the first offer, you should consider yourself to be employed. You  job is to find a new job!

Normally, people go and register at Monster or Careerbuilder, but I’m going to share with you a few sites that will give you a better bang for your buck (or free as the case may be).

If you are indeed serious about your job search and you know where you want your new job to be, you should try out the indeed site.

Another good site that is pretty new is the iList classifieds. What’s unique about this site is that you are exploding your resume or your skillsets across your social network on facebook, Twitter, and Myspace .

By this time in your job search you are truly ready for full speed ahead. What I want you to realize is that each of the job posting boards will send you daily/weekly emails on jobs that you “qualify” for. Yet you have to remember that just as you are out there, there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of others that are doing the same thing.

So what can you do to distinguish yourself?

  • Utilize LinkedIn to build your network and get look for jobs that are listed there. Remember that if you find a job that you are interested in, you MUST find out whether you already have a second or third level network contact in the company you are interested in. This in itself is very tricky. You don’t want to reach out to someone that you don’t know. Remember, people will help you if they don’t feel that you are a “threat” to them.
  • Scan through Craigslist, for jobs. This again is tricky. There are many listings here that are just plain and outright scams. You have to be very very careful here.

In my opinion, the steps above are the trickiest and most sensitive part of your job search. You want to send your resume out, but you have to be very careful.. You don’t want to blast our resume, without a purpose.

You should also prepare multiple versions of your resume. Each version is tailored to the the job that you are applying for..

So the motto of this posting can easily be said as: “Look before you Leap”.

Stay tuned for additional postings on how to get re-employed…

Good Luck!