Job Search – Part 4 – Mashable

I was thinking that now that I had written the fundamentals on the Job Search,  I was going to write in detail individual parts of the search.  After I read the posting in Mashable I quickly realized that I was reinventing the wheel when others had done a much more capable job than I could do! Read on…

Yet before I could even go there, I saw in this morning on my yahoo on my Mashable widget a posting by Dan Schawbel (author of Personal Branding 2.0 and build a powerful  brand) which expands on the networking portion of the job search.  This wonderul, amazing post  teaches you the art of  social  networking using the top 10 social networking sites for finding a job (besides linked in) you absolutely need to look at with a fine tooth comb.

Another link within mashable talks about 30 sites that you absolutely need to visit once you have been laid off.  Many of these sites, I knew of, but many were new to me.

In one of my prior posts, we talked about your resume, but we didn’t go into any details. Take a look at building at the posting for the how to build your ultimate social media resume.

If you follow this posting by Dan Schawbel and the asociated links, you will be well on your way to getting yourself a new job in this tough economy.  Thanks to Dan for these great contributions on Mashable!


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