Jobs Search – Part 5 – Where the Jobs Are

Over the past few days, I didn’t post anything, as I was (again) in the writer’s block mode. I was having lunch with my little brother G at work and saw the new site created by CNN called: where the jobs are.  So I decided to write about this site as an addendum to my previous posts on job search method in these tough economic times.  As unemployment hits an all time high in the US,  I am continuing my efforts in Job search related posts.

So as many companies are curtailing annual raises (mine included), the economy continues to tank and more people are losing  jobs.  In my continued effort to provide support to the millions that have lost their jobs and continue lose their jobs,  I’ll continue to provide sites that can help..

Where are the jobs? CNN provided a good site yesterday to answer this question: Where the jobs are?

In the same mindset as this, here are my personal thoughts on where some jobs are if you need to get back into the work force.

Go to the Indeed site and key in your zip code and look for local jobs. Below are some tips for using the indeed site.

  • Don’t restrict yourself to your specialty.  Step outside your comfort zone and explore opportunities that you would not normally consider.
  • Create you specialized my.indeed portal. signup is free and this gives you the ability to specialize your search
  • Create an email alert as jobs become available with your specific search criteria. This alert should be the first thing you read in your job search email that you have created (use any free email services).
  • Look for temporary jobs or jobs that may interest you.  No part time job should be considered “beneath you”.
  • FYI: was flagged in the lastest issue of Bottom Line Personal as a useful site.

Do a blog search for jobs searching.

  • WordPress has excellent blogs on ideas for improving your chances of finding a new job, writing a resume, social networking, interviewing, and experiences of  other job seekers such as yourself.

Find upcoming job fairs in your area where you can research jobs and submit resumes.  In my opinion, Job fairs are just a forum where companies gather resumes for FUTURE jobs and not for current openings.

Find a part-time job. Read this article in Yahoo on the 7 best part time jobs.

Always keep this in mind, when it is you that is out there, you should utilize every resource at your disposal to find your next job. When it is you that is unemployed and looking for a new job, you are the master of your own destiny!

Good Luck and feel free to leave me comments on your job search!

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