Coupon Clipping by Zip Code

Every week I get these coupon mailings to my home and I utilize these to save some money. Two of my favorite ones are valpak and coupon clipper.

Both of these have a website where you can register and search for coupons by zip code. ValPak is nationwide whereas coupon clipper is NJ based.

Both sites allow you to print out coupons.. so take a look and clip away!

iPhone issues

So after another week of taking off and not putting up any posts, here I am again. Over the past few weeks, I hve been preoccupied with doing my taxes (still not done) and trying to fix my wife’s iPhone which had gotten brick’d (unable to restore, so basically DOA).

After much efforts and mucho reading on blog postings, I finally gave up and went to the Apple store to get help. I gotta admit I was impressed with the way the “Genius” support at the determined that my iPhone was indeed DOA and needed to be replaced.  The Apple store is really a fun and happy place.. really impressive. The support staff is very knowledgeable and they seem to be genuine in trying to help you.

Here are some lessons I learned from my iPhone fiasco:

  1. If the iPhone says “haredware problems, service is needed”… Service is needed. My mistake was that when I saw it on the phone, I tried to restore the iPhone to 2.2.  (Big Mistake).
  2. When you buy a refurbished iPhone, your “Apple Care” warranty does not start on date of purchase. It starts on the purchase date of the ORIGINAL owner.. odd right?
  3. There are endless number of sites that provide you with guidance on the funky error codes (mine was Error Code 23 – Unknown error).  The most reliable way to find a resolution to the error code by  Googling the code and look at blogs..
  4. If you decide that you will take the risk of  hacking the iPhone using the Pawnage tool, make sure you follow directions.
  5. Make sure your iTunes software is up to date. If you cannot restore using iTunes there is a 100% probability that you have brick’d your iPhone.
  6. Utilize the restore function in iTunes to do the restore

Overall I can say that the lesson learned here is: the iPhone is a great device when it is utilized in the manner intended… otherwise, BE EXTREMLY careful!