Yankee Stadium Visit on 6/17

our visit to Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, June 17th, 2009. Yankees lost 4 – 3 to Washington Nationals. This is my review of our visit

I took my younger daughter to Yankee Stadium last night here’s my review of the trip/adventure.

Yankee Stadium from Google imagesConsidering I’m a lifelong Met fan, I thought it was pretty brave of me to make the venture “to the house that George Built” – The NEW Yankee Stadium. On the whole I was absolutely impressed with the layout and the convenience factor of the Stadium. I just had and issue with the policy of  “being only allowed to watch batting practice of the NY Yankees and not the visiting team”. More on that in  a little bit.

I was also impressed with the fact that here were many many employees carrying around placards – “May I help you? .  Nice touch!

From where we live in Monmouth County, it took only about an hour (No traffic on George Washington Bridge – Thank God).  Parking was easy ($19 – which I thought was pretty steep). I guess that’s the going rate for parking at most stadiums this days. Who knows?

My daughter and I were in pursuit of an Yankee Hat and we finally bought one at a stall near the stadium. I was not about to pay $25 to $30 for an “officially licensed” overpriced MLB souvenir.

Tip to the frugal: Walk a few blocks from the stadium under the elevated trains and you will find excellent and cheap souvenirs (t-shirts ($5), pins, hats,  Books, and of course Hot Dogs!)

Best and cheapest meal: 2 Hot dogs and a soda for $4.00 on the local streets.  Of course that does not guarantee you that you will not be tempted by the overpriced meals in the Stadium!

When you walk into the Statdium you truly are amazed at the history of the Yankees.  Even as I am not a Yankee follower/fan, I was amazed by the historical banners of the players that line the main level. Sent Chills down my spine!

Very nice touch that photographers take complimentary pictures that you can pick up at the yankees photo’s website next day! You can just walk around and have as many pictures taken to your hearts content! The picture takers give you a card with the gallery # and you can retrieve your pictures the next day! Very nice!

Now back to the Batting Practice issue.  It seems that the Yankee policy is to only allow fans to go to the ground level seats for  –> YANKEE BATTING PRACTICE.  Once the Yankee batting practice is over you are shooe’d back to your seats. What’s with this? I go this curt response from one of the ushers: “Go Ask George”.  Hmm.. I looked around but couldn’t locate him.

Players in right field were great, they were tossing balls into the stands, but unfortunately, my daughter and I were not amongst the chosen. I was thinking about offering my pinky (a pink high bouncing ball) as a trade to the players, but I couldn’t get their attention. Also my daughter didn’t want to part with her $1 pinky ball.

So we ventured way up, up, and up to our nose bleed seats  by 3rd base. Our $20 seats were the second row from the last row on the top most seats of the stadium.. I can remember when these seats at Shea used to cost $1.50.  Again I digress, as I ‘ve not gone to a “new” ballbark and baseball venue in a long long time!

We watched a few innings and we got restless so we walked around the stadium. I gotta tell you. To really appreciate Yankee Stadium, you have to go to every level and walk each level’s promenade level.  Plenty of Elevators and stairs available.. Like that!

I think we must have walked at least 5 miles. The problem with the walking is that it makes you hungry, which in turn makes you want to eat more! I guess yesterday was a bad day for my weight loss plan.

We never went back to our self re-assigned seats for an inning or so after which  but we continued to explore the stadium and we ended up by “Monument Park” and the bleachers. I really think that these “bench type” seats are the best seats in the house.. Even though you can only see half the field..

BTW: note to self. I should not say out loud (on the phone) , “I’m glad the Yankees are losing”. Guaranteed to get dirty looks from the Yankee fans.  I gotta admire the restraint of the individuals who I said this behind.. they turned around and said to my daughter —> “You dad really doesn’t like the Yankee’s does he”? LOL

Another Tip: When you go to Yankee stadium for the first time, make sure you go to “Monument’s park” immediately. It’s only open for like an hour and a half once the gates open. We were late and could only look at it from afar.

Overall the trip to Yankee Stadium was great! I think I’ll even start rooting for the Yankees! What did I just say?

The reason I’m saying this is that, I learned a valuable lesson from my 10 year old last night. Just as she is a true Yankee fan, she also roots for my team (the metsies). So why can’t I be a dual fan like she is? I honestly couldn’t answer her with a straight face. So I’m going to make a genuine effort to at least tolerate the Yankees. Yet, I will still never have an Yankee  logo on any articles of clothing. Now that’s going too far.

I’ll absolutely go to NEW Yankee Stadium again. Especially when it’s for the subway series sor the Mets can beat up on the Yankees. Especially after the 15 – 0 trouncing we took last week during the start of inter-league play!

Author: Dads Taxi

I'm a Dad from the Central New Jersey, who sees humor in lots of things. Some of the things I write about happen to me or I see them... I'm also on the constant hunt for a bargain!

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  2. Pretty cool post. I just came across your blog and wanted to say
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