Pagosa Springs – August 26

This is a repost of my blog entry when I was on vaction in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.. My original post got waylaid as my friend G, cancelled his web hosting and I didn’t back up my blog!
Colorado Vacation continues (August 26th):

Today we spent the day in the fabulous Mesa Verde National Park in Cortez Colorado.  I’ll write more about this in another entry later..

My story for this entry is how oh-so-close close I came to losing my iPhone 3GS courtesy of my dear 14 year old Nephew and my lack of paying attention!

Tonight while we were in Durango, Colorado, I experienced the good side of humans..that in my opinion, would never happen in the NY/NJ area.. I guess I’m just being cynical.

I gave my nephiew my iPhone to play with when we were in a store.. Well what does he do? Instead of giving the iPhone back to me in my hand,  he puts it on the counter in front of me without telling me..

All of us leave the store and walk a few blocks down and I ask for my iPhone and he says:  “I gave you the iPhone back to you in the other store”.. So I race back 2 blocks to the store and amazingly,  someone had handed in my iPhone to the clerk at the counter!

The person who had found my iPhone was a teenager with her parents.. I profusely thanked her and left the store. I went back to my family and I realized that I had forgotten to reward this great person for handing in the iPhone..  So I race back the 2 blocks to the store and offer her a reward and wouldn’t you know it? She refuses! I first offered her $10 and then $20, but she declined both! Now that is character.

Now that is something that I have never seen anywhere! God bless this child for doing this good deed for the day.  As many of my friends and readers know I’m a skeptical/cynical New Yorker and thought for sure that I had lost my 3GS phone.. What a pleasent surprise..

Lesson to be learned here: Never ever let any anone use your iPhone w/out a promise to return it to your hands after usage!

As I sit here and write this entry, I wonder if I would have been this fortunate, if something like this would have happened where I come from NY/NJ?? Hmm..


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