Parenting and Allowances

parenting_pyramidIs giving a child an allowance a privilege or an guaranteed right as a passage into adulthood?

When I was growing up in the 1970’s in NYC, I had a similar conversation with him (he’s of course from India and his thoughts are a bit different from mine). He chose to give me a minimal allowance per week (let’s just say less than $1). At that time, it was enough to buy some bubble gum and Marvel comics from the local 5 and 10 Cent store in my neighborhood in Flushing, Queens.

Of course I was not satisfied (nor happy) and decided during my teenage years, to bypass this menial token allowance (in my teenage mind of course) and earn to feed/supplement my weekly additiction to pinball, stickball, baseball cards and my all time favorite Spiderman/Captain America Comics. So I did odd jobs, paper routes, and anything else resourceful to feed my vices.

Now about 30 years later, I just had a conversation with my 10 year old about allowances and I realized that I had become my father! We finally settled on $5 per week (with chores as motivation of course!).

allowancesSo going back to my original question: Is giving a child a privlilege or a right?

In my mind: I know every child deserves some money for spending, but what amount is proper?  Additionaly, should a parent expect anything back for this allowance?

My thoughts on both these questions are:

Yes, every child should be given an allowance, but should expect some work (outside normal household chores) from the child.

I’m sure may parents might disagree with the above, but being from the Baby Boomer generation, riding the middle of the road on this subject is difficult for me.

I do hope if you have some thoughts on this issue, you do respond to this entry, as I look forward to some insights… 🙂

TTYL for now.