Total Tennis: Review on Travelocity

Can you guess which one is me?
Can you guess which one is me?

As many of my friends know,  I’m pretty much a tennis fanatic.. This past week, I spent 4 days in Saugerties, NY at Total Tennis for tennis camp.

I can honestly say that if you want a really great place to get instruction at an extremely affordable price this place is for you.

As with all good things there are bad, but in this case the good far outweigh the Bad..

Take a look at my review on Travelocity.. You might find it entertaining.

I came back a few days ago and I’m still sore in places that I didn’t think I’d still be sore.. Overall the experience (my second) was great. I went with my tennis pals from work (Len, Eli and Bard).  I gotta tell you these guys are the best! Each one has their unique style and flair on and off the court.

Even with the heavy-duty tennis playing 3 to 4 hours a day, I managed to gain 8 pounds.. Simple reason for that.. When you eat high-class restaurant food for breakfast/lunch/dinner you will nullify any Tennis.. Learned this the hard way.. So this week starts my battle of the bulge..

I came back on Thursday evening and played again with my buddies from work on Friday night and I found out that I still had a long way to go AFTER all the brutal drills and practice I did during the week. oh well…

If you want to overdose on tennis and meet some great instructors and people, I would absolutely recommend you visit Saugerties, NY and stay for a few days at Total Tennis. It will be worth your time and money!

Just don’t expect 4 star luxury for accommodations, nor much customer service from the owner..

I recommend you visit the camp during the summer time (brutal heat), or the winter (5 indoor courts). Don’t do what we did.. we went when the weather was changing from late summer to early fall (cold and rain).

That’s all for now..



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