Jimmy D: God Bless, we will miss you

Jimmy de la PenaThis post is a tribute to my friend Jimmy de la Pena, who died on October 5th, after his courageous battle with Cancer for the past 18 years. He was only 56 years old..

Not only did I lose a great friend, we lost a true angel who walked amongst us.  He finally succumbed to the cancer that ravaged his body for so many years.

He fought cancer valiantly, and never once did he complain of the surgeries, treatment he had to go through. He just rolled with the punches and always came back smiling. I never once heard him say that why was this happening to him.. Every time I saw him, he didn’t even mention what he was going through unless I asked him. Even then when I asked him, he just laughted it off.

I met Jimmy over almost 12 years ago and over the years, he became a part of my family. My kids called him “Uncle Jimmy” and he was like a brother to me.

Jimmy never said anything bad about anyone. Regardless of what they had done to him. Many had done injustice to him over the years that I knew him, yet he just shrugged it off and just laughed about it. His kindness and his love of life was infectious.

We love you Jimmy, and god bless you as you are now an angel in heaven!

Words cannot describe how much we will miss Jimmy. God Bless him wherever he is. I’m sure he is smiling down at us and just waiting to tell one of his funny stories from the MTA.

3 Replies to “Jimmy D: God Bless, we will miss you”

  1. atul, i couldn’t agree more. words just can’t describe how huge our loss is. let’s look forward to when we will be with jimmy again. morgan


  2. Yesterday, Friday October 9th 2009, we laid to rest my dear friend/brother Jimmy De La Pena. He was only 56 years old. As I sat in church pew, I was overcome with a sense of peace and closure with his battle with Cancer for the past 15 years. I could see him him looking down on us and saying in his own humorous way: “What are u talking about?”.

    I only knew him for a little bit over 12 years, but we were blessed for that time to have known him the way we did.

    As my family spent the whole day with his whole family, I recollected on all the great times/conversations that Jimmy and I had over the years. One thing that stands out from all those conversations was that he never complained about the battle he was fighting. He never complained about the set backs and all the treatments he was going through. He just took it in stride and I’m certain he just lived for the day.

    When you were hanging out with Jimmy, at that moment in time, you were the most important person and he was smiling! Of course one conversation led into another which of course led into a very funny story about the MTA. He could keep in stitches for hours with his MTA stories!

    His Mom, Sister, Brother, all his cousins, friends and family were amazing in their strength during this difficult time. God bless all of them.

    We used to always call Jimmy —> “Jimmy don’t care”, but it was always obvious that he did care about his friends and family. From the outpouring of love, his love for life and family shined above all his personal health issues.

    As my wife said yesterday. I’m sure if had seen us yesterday, he would have laughed and said: “See, I did show you all of Staten Island!”. She said this as we crossed back and forth on the Island with his funeral procession from the church to his final resting place.

    What more can I say? Jimmy, we love you and miss you and you will always be in our thoughts and prayers!




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