Tele-Marketing annoyances

telemarketingI was trying to sleep in on Saturday morning, but who calls me but a call center tele-marketer employee from India trying to sell me 1 cent calls to India.

How did I know this call was from India? First off the the guy says he was calling from Florida, USA.My first response to myself, this must be a call from India. I could hear the chatter of the call center in the background of course..

I’m groggy and trying to tell him to take me off his calling list and he just keeps on talking! Now that really P*ssed me off. That’s when I hung up!

I guess even being on the Do not call list is not good enough these days for this calls from  telemarketers from India..

As soon a I hung up and went back to Sleep…

Comcast calls me with a survey on how I like their customer service.. Needless to say they got pretty low ratings…