BharatBeat – Intro

Introduction of BharatBeat – A Complete Indian Portal


Hi everyone.. Haven’t blogged for a few weeks as I was on vacation since mid December.  Well it was great for the past few weeks, time marches forward and Dad’s taxi is ready for 2010.

Alas the new year is upon us and the End of Year Revelry is behind us.. Even though I typically utilize my end of year (annual) vacation to rest and rejuvenate, this year was anything but that, but that’s for another day.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2010!

I want to share with everyone a new site that I’m collaborating on with a good friend of mine.  He also happens to be decent tennis player.. which is a bonus. – This South Asian portal  is a collaboration with a friend of mine and we will be re-launching in a few weeks.  For the South Asian Community, this will be a one stop shop for everything that is from the Indian Subcontinent.

Our goal is to be the Net-Guide for the Indian Community. In addition to providing forums for a two way communication with our members, we will offer RSS feeds from news sites related to the Indian Sub-Continent.

On this site we will have links galore, as well as administered forums for real time questions and comments.  We will also have  News, Entertainment, Blog Rolls, Forums and of course the ability to search using both Bing and Google.

Dad’s taxi and BharatBeat will be  tightly linked. You will have access to the links site from Dad’s Taxi on the BharatBeat Site.

Today we re-launched BharatBeat! Do stop by the site and take a look around..

Author: Dads Taxi

I'm a Dad from the Central New Jersey, who sees humor in lots of things. Some of the things I write about happen to me or I see them... I'm also on the constant hunt for a bargain!

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