Blogging from India

Dad’s Taxi is taking a road trip to India for the next few weeks. All my posts will be from there. I’ll be giving my unique perspective on my travels as I make my way through the land where I was hatched.

This blog entries will be interesting in that I will be reporting the trip from the eyes of my 10 yr old child.. I will ask her to give me some feedback on what she observes on her trip. NM has been to India only once and I know her fresh eyes will truly observe and report back on the trip from a wide eyed innocence of youth.  One of her assignments from school is to keep a daily diary of her trip.. hopefully she’ll share this with us!

First stop will be the nation’s capital New Delhi. The field hockey world championship is currently going on, I’m going to try to get tickets to see at least one game, but I won’t hold up high hopes of that happening.

My better half is already there and she already has experienced first hand the smog and dirt which has caused her to head to the doctors with a throat infection.

We get a daily blow by blow activity of her  (mis) adventures as we speak to her every night. Thank god for Vonage.

Kids are so excited for their trip. I’m just queasy and kind of leery of the whole trip. Went there few years  ago and was both impressed/unimpressed with progress in India. No doubt technology is everywhere, but the infrastructure to support the technology still has gaps.  Inflation and corruption is rampant.. Yes the outsourcing has made the country wealthier, yet the gap between classes has gotten wider. I could go on and on.. but I won’t as this article will turn more negative than shine on the accomplishments of the “World’s largest democracy”.

Where else can you go to where the beggers can afford cell phones,  yet still live in cities within cities.

To get a true picture of life in India for the lower class a must see movie is  Slumdog Millionaire. It depicts the life of the lower class (hut dwellers) of Mumbai in it’s harshest of realities. Many Mumbaites will disagree with what is depicted in this movie, but what you see is reality.

If you want to get an really good view of the diversity and the Indian diaspora, you should visit our sister site BharatBeat, where we share insights on Bollywood and various links related to the India.

3 Replies to “Blogging from India”

  1. I do agree that the gap between classes got wider etc., but Slumdog Millionaire is NOT a true potrayal of slum dwellers. I am not saying their lifestyle has improved but what is show in that movie is over exaggerated and not true.


    1. Mr. Arul,

      To really appreciate the “exaggaration” as you say, you need to see the slum cities in Mumbai. In 2008, I experienced it first hand and let me tell you, the slums of Mumbai cannot be exaggerated.
      BTW, living in a shantytown itself is a business. Many of these dwellers move from one place to other as they are their Shantytowns are torn down by builders and they are given a place to live. They either rent out their new dwellings or sell it and move to the next location as they prefer to live in these shantytowns!
      Yes I do agree that the makers of Slumdog did use creative license. Yet, the day to day harsh lifestyle as well as the business of “begging” continues to thrive in Mumbai. All you have to see is the slums in Bandra and Mahim and you can see that these areas during the Monsoons are a haven for disease as they are flooded out.. Additionally, all you have to do is take a look outside your plane window as you land and 100 yards away, you will see a concrete fence and beyond that fence is where the slums stretch out.

      I will give you some credit though for your thoughtful feedback…:-)




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