TravelLog – 3/15/10-New Delhi

So we’ve been here for a few days now and tonite we leave for Mumbai. This is my new favorite city to visit.. I’m totally impressed with New Delhi and this is city  which you can sped days and days seeing it from it from end to end. As a capital city, you can see that the cleanup of the city in preparation for the commonwealth games is almost done. Construction is everywhere.

Road construction is everywhere. New “flyover” are being built.. and this is truly a “Rich” city. Rich not just with culture and politics, but with the wealth that is apparent everywhere you look.

Yesterday, we visited a family friend and he we were talking about New Delhi and he presented an interesting perspective.. He indicated that New Delhi is being cleaned up to “hide” the true poverty that exists.  The beggers have been thrown either in jail or pushed out of the city,  so they are not visible to the visitors of the capital.. I was surprised to see this but perhaps that’s why I saw so few beggers during my few days here.

Outside New Delhi city limits, you will see the poverty and how the lower class lives.. they work hard to make ends meet.

It seems in this city the middle class is the wealthiest.  From what I have heard the gap between the lower-middle-upper classes is growing wider.. I know this is true for Mumbai but I can’t say I agree/disagree with this as I really am a newbie to the city.

Yesteday was so much fun.. We cancelled Agra as the kids had no interest.. they are more interested in hanging out with their cousins. They are having an absolute blast..

Our relatives took the kids and me on long drive yesterday to this place called “Karnal Haveli” about 125 miles outside Delhi.  This place was so much fun for the kids (Magic Shows, go carts, bhangra dancing, great food!). M

Tonite we leave for Mumbai.. We had a blast in New Delhi.. now onwards to Mumbai! I’ll upload my pics on my Facebook account..

Right now, I’m just soaking up New Delhi.. I truly misjudged this city. Even though the traffic is unbearable.. the City is truly a treat for the eye and everything in between.

6 Replies to “TravelLog – 3/15/10-New Delhi”

    1. I Loved New Delhi.. kids didn’t want to do any tourism and it’s really no fun to do anything without the kids.. we went shopping and saw Akshardhan.. this place truly is must see on anyone’s list..


    1. I’ve been to Agra a few times already.. Kids have been there also.. they were just interested in hanging out with their new found cousins.. we actually travelled outside Delhi to this place called Haveli in Karnal.. wow.. what a place!

      The entertainment value could not be matched… go cart riding, shooting pellet guns.. kids doing bhangra…

      This was worth the 2 hour ride in a cramped car! 🙂


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