Goa Travels – March 2010 Highlights

So Dad’s taxi escaped the heat of Goa yesterday… We cut short our trip in Goa, as it became quite apparent that the heat would get the best of us (Me specifically).  We spent our last full day in Goa at the beach (I think it was Tito’s Beach).. Near Arpora.

Highlights of Goa:

  • Heat is unbearable, unless you like to deep fry on the beaches and while you tour
  • Goan Food/Seafood (fish, prawns, calamari, crab) is to die for.. You will not find such delicious food/seafood anywhere else in the world. Goan spices make the seafood just a treat!
  • When you order food, make sure u know what you are odering.. Pancakes can turn into crepes very easily.
  • When you order any “masala” dish, make sure you order Mild, unless you want to pay for it later.. we won’t go here.
  • Shopping Nirvana.. There is no such thing as a fix price. Everything is negotiated down from the asking price.
  • Go to the local market and learn the skill of haggling for a few rupees.. My best method: “Shake your head, and walk away”.
  • Look for Bargains and carry a calculator, you will easily pay more if you don’t know what is the value in your local currency!
  • Roads are narrow, and taxis are expensive! With the generous conversion rate from $ to Rupee, you still come out ahead.
  • Do not go to Goa in Summer.
  • The Goanese people are very friendly and helpful. Friendliest people you could ever meet. They are soo happy…
  • You must rent a scooter if you are staying at a resort. I didn’t do it as I was with my family and none of them wanted to ride with me.. hmm.. probably with my history of accidents on 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles gave them just cause. 🙂
  • Be prepared to spend lots and lots of money..
  • If you are looking to buy a summer house, Goa is the place for you.. with construction going on.. you can pick and choose where you want to buy.. Be prepared to pay thru the nose….
  • European and Foreign Tourism is putting a lot of money into Goa.. Many foreigners now call Goa their 12 month home.

Overall, my trip to Goa was great. Incredible scenery.. Beaches, Food, Shopping, and great fun to be had.  My next trip will be during a cooler time, so I can visit some more churches and temples…

I will always consider to be one of my favorite places.. My special attachment to Mangeshi is the clincher for my reason as to  why I will come again and again to Goa!

My next posting will be about Pune.. Another one of my favorite cities..


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