Pune – Travel Diary March 24th, 2010

So we came here yesterday after cutting our Goa trip short by a few days.. Heat being the key contributing factor to cutting our trip short..

Personal note: After my return, you will hear more of our horrible  experience in using Make My Trip services.  Double charging,  Horrible/pathetic customer service,  overall not a pleasant experience.. Fortunately, my wife has been dealing with them (god bless her fortitude and patience in dealing with the incompetence she dealt with in changing our plans!)

After almost missing our flight from Goa even though getting to the airport 2 hours earlier, we got on the puddle jumper to Pune.. We we were the last ones to board as there were no announcements of boarding. We would have missed the flight, if not for the King Fisher personnel that went through the terminal looking for stragglers!

After almost missing our flight from Goa even though getting to the airport 2 hours earlier, we got on the puddle jumper from Goa to Pune.. King Fisher Airlines…Great Local service in India!. which airline in the US will give you a decent snack for a flight less than 1 hour? Kudos to the King Fisher team.  See I am capable of saying nice he things for good service!

We arrived in Pune and oh boy has Pune Grown! The airport (in Lohgaon) is in the outskirts of town.. Near the city prison and near the air force station!

Best part of the day was going for my favorite ice cream/shake treat. It’s called mastani.This absolutely delicious concoction of milkshake and Ice cream (various flavors), will leave you in a diabetic coma (guaranteed).

Where I live in Pune – Sadhashiv Peth – Sujata

Sujata Mastani
On Sadashiv Peth, this landmark parlor for Mastani ice creams still rules the roost when it comes to luscious, syrupy liquids and dollops of high-calorie ice cream that go into the making of an immaculate Mastani, fortified with a lot of other flourishing superfluities.

The flavor that is the most popular remains the most sold- Mango. As an  frequenter of Sujata from childhood to have the delectable Mango Mastani, says, “This is the highlight of my visits to Pune. The tangy mango taste steeped in the dense fluid has no match”.

My wife and kids loved the  stuff just as much as I did.

Anyway.. time for breakfast

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