Trip Log Delhi – April 3, 2010

So this is the last day of  our vacation in India.. The kids and wife are in Mumbai and I’m in New Delhi awaiting my trip back to the US tomorrow morning.

We all started early this morning from Kochin after our 5 day drip to the great state of Kerala. We had a total blast on the houseboat, the hill station in Munnar and the shopping in Kochin.

We are all weary from this long trip as we have traversed across India to see the beauty, culture and lands. We have truly seen the beautiful land that is today’s India.  No doubt, the wealth of India is in it’s people. The economics of change and the growing wealth is visible everywhere with the amount of money that is flowing in this country. Regardless of where you go,  Indians are the most friendly and enthusiastic citizens I have seen. Regardless of what they do for a living or their socio-economic status, they are all happy. From the taxi driver to business man, they are pursuing their dreams for the good life and success.

I did not meet anyone in my 3 weeks that I could say was bitter or mean spirited (Of course I exclude myself from this formula).

The wealth that is in India is amazing. Money is everywhere and there is money to be made everywhere.  It’s just a matter of where you look and how you utilize the opportunity that you are presented with.

To me this whole trip was eye opening.. Life without a doubt is different from my life in New Jersey. People do struggle no doubt about it. Yet from all my relatives that I met and all the people from the service industry (travel and tourism) that I interacted with, everyone is striving for a better life. You do not see unhappiness.

Perhaps I’m looking through rainbow colored sunglasses, but what I see is a wealthy nation that’s strength is it’s people. Technology is driving the wealth across the country. The spirit of the Entrepenneur is alive and thriving here.

I will go out on a limb and say this: Within the next 2 to 5 years, India will surpass all countries with their technological advances. The infrastructure to support this technology is a work in process across the country as you will witness the road construction going on everywhere in the country.

The problems that India continues to face is: Corruption at all levels, and population growth that continues to grow unabated.

From the places I visited this time,  below is my ranking of places that I  find to be the best places in Incredible India!

  • Munnar (Hill Station Retreat)
  • Kochin (the Houseboats tour)
  • Goa (Beach Resorts)
  • New Delhi (Tourism)
  • Pune (Visiting Relatives)
  • Mumbai (Shopping/Food)

I have yet to see all of what India presents, but I plan to do so over the next few years, as Dad’s taxi continues to explore the country that he is proud to say is in his DNA.

As I’m fully recovered (thank god) from the bout of food poisioning,  I realize that what I love the most (food) is the true reason for any ailments that befall me when I come to India.

After my return, I’ll go back and update my travels with additional thoughts on my visit.

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