Dad’s Taxi – Back to being sick

So I came back to NJ last week from my wonderful vacation in India.. and as soon as I come back I fell  ill. If you remember I had a bout of food poisoning while I was in India.. I thought I had recovered.. I guess that was just in my mind..

I come back on Sunday and within 24 hours symptoms of my ailment (high fever and stomach issues return). Went to my doctor and he scared the bejesus out of me by telling me of all these scenarios: Dengue Fever, Maleria, Salmonella Poisoning..

So I’ve been taking all these tests and over the past week and am awaiting results.  So for the past 4 to 5 days I’ve been pretty much laid up and bedridden. Just over the past 24 hours have I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank goodness for the strongest antibiotic that I got (CIPRO).  I’m still running a temperature on and off, but the major symptoms of body aches and bathroom runs (literally and figuratively) have disappeared.

Let’s see how things go this week.  I’m able to function for a few hours at a time without the dreaded weakness and the intermittent temperature..

I know I promised everyone that I’d write more about my India vacation, but right now,  my life is just in a holding pattern till I beat this dreadful illness.

Today, I was googling dengue fever and maleria and that made me even sicker to my stomach, so I decided not to read anymore.

My beloved NY Rangers being knocked out of the playoff’s wasn’t much of a help..

Only thing that seems to work is drinking lots of fluids and taking Aleve every time I feel feverish..

Anyway, I’m sure I’m boring you with this, so I’ll stop..

3 Replies to “Dad’s Taxi – Back to being sick”

  1. You should consider following ‘good’ sports teams that do consistently well over a long period of time – not the ones that win a superbowl once every 40 [or more] years.


    1. BTW, you should get your sports pinnacles straight.. Superbowl is to Football as Stanley Cup is to Hockey…

      Rangers last won the cup in 1994. Not 40 years ago.. If you wish, I can send you a link to the Elias Sports bureau for verification of this fact.

      Well it shows that you are trying assimilate into the sports culture besides softball/football..

      BTW, Vince sends you his regards.. It’s become a stop on the tour of MT, for the football enthusiasts that visit me..



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