Netflix on Wii – Wow

watching my favorite movies on Wii!


A few days ago, I got my 2 month “Free” subscription to Netflix at the encouragement of my 11 yr old. She actually made a very strong argument.

For $8.95 you can set up a watch list and watch all your favorite TV shows on TV using the wii without actually recording on the DVR or going to Hulu. Just use the Netflix service to view the movies, shows you want to watch!

Today, we got the wii disk and started watching.. Now the problem is when do I actually get to watch the movies and shows I want to watch?

I guess I’ll have to go back to my laptop and watch the streaming movies there..

Check it out..

Author: Dads Taxi

I'm a Dad from the Central New Jersey, who sees humor in lots of things. Some of the things I write about happen to me or I see them... I'm also on the constant hunt for a bargain!

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