“Prison Break” Addiction

Last week my nephew Ryan got me hooked on “Prison Break“. Let me forewarn you, if you ever want to waste hours and hours of your time and lose sleep, this is the show for you to watch.

This show ran for about 5 years on Fox.. I never saw it, as I was too busy watching “24”. Well to make a long story short, now, I’m catching up on this fast paced, juggernaut show via Netflix (my other newest addiction) streaming on the Wii.

Best way to describe “Prison Break” is “24” on hype steroids. It’s taken me about 2 weeks of late nights but I’m in the midst of Season 3. You know your addiction is really bad, when you plan your next TV watching session around how many episodes you can get in before you MUST go to sleep.

Many of my readers will know that I often write about my addiction, but this one has within the past few weeks gone to number one on my list of obsessions.

Thanks Ryan you really have made my life more complicated.. Next one up after this series is Dexter..