OCI – Saga Continues

Update as of October 23th, 2010:

My wife and kids have now gotten their OCI cards.. I am still amongst the non-existent… boo hoo me.. But fireworks and a standing ovation to my wife for her persistence in getting the cards for the kids and herself!

This after my wife made a total of 4 trips to the “land of the inefficient” (LOTI) otherwise known as the Indian Government and their consulate in NYC.

Kudos to Madhu for her patience in pursuing with ferocious diligence to get her OCI card. Now she will have to do the same for me once I get my act to together. No one knows if and when that will happen.

oh yeah, I almost forgot… Prior to her 3rd visit the Government of India sent her application and can you guess what they included with this application? … drum roll please.. The included a complete application of a totally different individual with all her personal information. This was included with her package which was sent to her for some nonsensical validation that was missing.

Next week, I will be visiting the LOTI with my pal as he gets his OCI.. I’m certain everyone will be waiting with bated breath as we traverse LOTI and get his OCI. I’m going to take notes so perhaps, my fortune will be better when I re-apply.

I’ve written about my Overseas  Citizen of  India (OCI) saga for a few months now. Well as everyone knows, I won’t be getting my OCI till I get a copy of my Naturalization Certificate.

My Kids finally got their OCI certification a few weeks ago. My wife, after make a total of 5 trips to the Indian consulate in NYC is still about 5 weeks from getting her OCI certification. Since she got a new passport her process got stretched out, but the overall experience remains the same.

Until she went in person to the Indian consulate, she couldn’t make any progress,.

  • The Indian Consulate is non-responsive to emails and they DO NOT answer the telephones.

Let’s see how much longer it takes for her to get her OCI..

6 Replies to “OCI – Saga Continues”

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  2. I found a way to talk to a live person in the Consulate. Here is how you do it:

    First you have to remember you are going to talk to an Indian Govt agency which means you need to be prepared to face the worst treatment you can ever get and you need lots and lots and lots of patiences in dealing with these officials.

    Second thing you need to understand is unlike any customer service where the goal to serve customers by answering their calls or returning emails etc, Indian Consulate website has a contacts section which give a beautiful rosy view of how easily you can get in touch with them. Well the truth is NONE of those phone lines or emails will be answered. They are there just for sake of it.. pretending to be like other Country consulates!!!!. A old Tamil saying goes like this.. a cat wanted to be like a Tiger so all it did was painted some black stripes on its body and pretended to be a tiger. That is what Indian Consulate has done.

    So here is how you can get hold of a live person within the Consulate. Pick your favorite number of all the numbers provided in the contacts page of the website. It doesnt matter for which reason you are calling because all those number go to a unresponsive or unmanaged voice mail. Dial the number and wait for it to go to voice mail or it will play the following message “the mail box for this number is not set up” or some crap like that.

    Wait for it to be transferred to the main message asking you to press 1 for passport etc etc.. after hearing all options, press 0 (zero). They wont give zero as an option but press it.. sometimes it goes to another menu but dont worry, keep pressing zero where ever it takes to and eventually after 2 or 3 tries, the system will give up and put you to a live person.

    Good luck



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